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Las Vegas Open 2023 Coverage

by | Jan 26, 2023

Another year and we’re back at it for the Las Vegas Open 2023 with 1000 paid players. The LVO 2023 will be a bit different from years before, as Games Workshop threw a monkey wrench by introducing new rules right before the event. However, Frontline Gaming stuck to their guns and decided to stick with Nephilim rules, in the face of a lot of pressure. Now that the drama has died down, it looks like it was the correct choice, as so many players would have been thrown too big a curve if they were forced to play the new Arks of Omens.

So it’s important to keep that in mind when looking at the lists and army breakdowns for the event. Thankfully, Goonhammer has provided a lot of stats, but for this coverage, let’s just use this one below to show the overall faction breakdown.

As you can see, even though they’re at the bottom of the barrel, the Las Vegas Open does bring out all types of players, which explains why Space Marines are the most prevalent.

For my part, I will be checking off the Top 20 ITC Warhammer 40k 2021 season players here as they lose games. If you’re curious, you can click to see what lists they’re taking below.

  1. Vik Vijay LVO 2023 – Thousand Sons – Chaos Daemons lost Round 3
  2. Jack Harpster LVO 2023 – Blood Angels
  3. Mike Porter LVO 2023 – Aeldari
  4. David Gaylard LVO 2023 – Thousand Sons – Chaos Deamons lost round 5
  5. John Lennon LVO 2023 – Tyranids lost round 5
  6. Thomas Ogden LVO 2023 – T’au Empire lost round 6
  7. Colin McDade LVO 2023 – Adepta Sororitas Lost Round 4
  8. Nassim Fouchange LVO 2023 – T’au Empire
  9. Innes Wilson LVO 2023 – Tyranids lost round 3
  10. Not Attending
  11. Ben Cherwien LVO 2023 – Chaos Space Marines Lost Round 1
  12. Not Attending 
  13. Marshall Peterson LVO 2023 – Leagues of Votann Lost Round 2
  14. Anthony Vanella LVO 2023 – Chaos Space Marines Lost Round 4
  15. Not Attending
  16. Not Attending
  17. Brenton Weiss LVO 2023 – T’au Empire lost round 3
  18. Kit Smith Hanna LVO 2023 – Grey Knights lost round 1
  19. Ben Jones LVO 2023 – Ynnari
  20. Andrew Gonyo LVO 2023 – T’au Empire lost round 5

Of course, more players than the Top 20 will be in contention, as the LVO provides so many points that players can leapfrog and win the ITC if they can just win this one event. My predication, is pretty simple either Flamers or Harpies will reign supreme, I just don’t see the other factions having enough to handle armies with those two units that are used effectively.  

As for the rest of the coverage, we will be doing the usual, Facebook live feeds, along with pictures and hot takes from the various games as they happen, including recaps for each day. As usual, Day 1 is really a day for feeling things out, with hard coverage starting on Day 2.

 Check back periodically January 27th to 30th for Continuous Coverage

Looks like everything has gotten off without a hitch, and we have a record breaking 936 players rolling dice to start Round 1 at the Las Vegas Open 2023!

  • Round 1: Possible upsets we could see this round come with two of the Top 20. Be on the look out for…
    • Kit Hanna Smith vs. Sam Procopio: Kit ended up losing by 1 point!! 
    • Anthony Vanella vs. Jon Comacho: Anthony survived.
    • We did though get another Top 20 player fall as Ben Cherwien lost his game.
      • We are down to 15 of the Top if you include the No shows.


  • Round 2: Possible Upsets for this round are…
    • Again Anthony Vanella gets another good player in Tyler Bortel. Anthony surived.
    • Another Top 20 player lost with Marshal Peterson losing.


  • Round 3: Possible Upsets for this round are…
    • Vik gets his first challenge against Alex Fennel. Down goes the number 1 ITC player to Alex Fennel!
    • Mike Porter gets a tough game against Tyranid master Matt Evans
    • Innes Wilson is out beat by Brad Chester’s Tau Empire

Going into Day 2, we’ve got some interesting developments. The number one ITC player is out, leaving very few European players around to take the event. The Art of War team, as expected, is so far dominating even without Siegler around to carry them. We’ve got a lot of players outside the top who could easily win the event, like Nick Nanvanti and Sean Nayden, but many of these players have taken out-of-the-box lists which will make it hard when they face equally skilled players taking the most oppressive armies instead. 

We are down to 129 undefeated players going into day 2

  • Round 4: Games to be on the lookout for…
    • Colin McDade vs. TJ Lanigan, could see some major fireworks as TJ the former 40k Pariah goes up against Colin who has had run in with a lot players over his play style and demeaner. Colin Got beat by TJ knowing out another top 20 player!
    • Anthony Vanella lost as well taking out another top 20 player.

Btw in other news someone stole from GW new Angron and new Horus models?!?!?

Going into Round 5 we are down to 8 top ITC players making the path way for Jack Harpster that much easier to at least win ITC overall. 

  • Round 5: Games to be on the lookout for…
    • Jack Harpster gets his first challenge by facing Stephen Box (Pairing Snafu and this didn’t end up happening =( )
    • David Gaylard vs. Chase Chappell, Gaylard lost putting Jack Harpster ever closer to being declared ITC champ.
    • Ben Jones and Andrew Gonyo are first top 20 vs game.(Pairing Snafu and this didn’t end up happening =( )
    • John Lennon bit the dust losing to Lukas Troller and his Orks
    • Gonyo lost to his opponent. 

63 Undefeated players are left going into Round 5. We are down to six of the top 20 left!

Going into Round 6 we are down to 31 undefeated players, so on the cusp of having a shadow round to be played for at least a few players.

  • Round 6: Games to be on the lookout for…
    • Stephen Box vs. TJ Lanigan: TJ wins 
    • Matt Morosoli vs. Charlie Andrew: Matt wins
    • Brad Chester vs. Brian Jones: Brad win

I guess the top table had some drama as 3 judges were called in to watch the game, which ended with one player crying his eyes out after losing.

The Top 16 are…

  1. Sean Nayden (Orks)
  2. Nassim Fouchane (Tau)
  3. Jack Harpster (Blood Angels)
  4. Alex Mcdougall (Tyranids)
  5. Mike Porter (Aeldari)
  6. Nick Nanavati (Chaos Daemons)
  7. Matt Morosoli (Chaos Daemons)
  8. Oliver Smith (Blood Angels)
  9. Brad Chester (Tau)
  10. Matt Estrada (Tau)
  11. Ben Jones (Aeldari)
  12. Tim Deetlefs (Aeldari)
  13. Evan Tomchin (Tau)
  14. TJ Lanigan (Thousand Sons)
  15. Jay Eggett (Chaos Space Marines)
  16. Zaak Kerstetter (Blood Angels)

Not sure how they will handle the shadow round, but we will see. The break down is as follows.

  • 4 Tau
  • 3 Blood Angels
  • 3 Aeldari
  • 2 Chaos Daemons
  • 2 Blood Angels
  • 1  Orks
  • 1 Chaos Space Marines
  • 1 Tyranids
  • 1 Thousand Sons

There you have only 3 of the Top 20 ITC made it, will see how things shake down on Sunday! 

Turning over coverage to Frontline TWITCH channel enjoy!



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