Author: Prodigalson

Hobby Oaths of Moment

I’ve made some fairly serious hobby progress lately. I’ll be taking some better photos and putting those up. Work got on top of me this week so my regular Monday […]

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Tau Fortifications

Blood, Sweat and Tears…. ok maybe not those. More like paint, hand cramps and joy. That’s what 40K armies are made of. I’ve made a complete inventory of all of […]

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Back in the Loop

So I basically dropped out of 40K for the last year of 6th edition. I had personal stuff going on, and I just was busy. I do that from time […]

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XV 104 Riptide

So I had the opportunity to get some games in, and play with the Riptide this weekend. I will be playing with one in every game for the next month […]

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Tau Piranha

I’m still not getting into some massive “MY THOUGHTS ON TAU”. I should be getting some more playtesting in this weekend in preparation for the Kalm. I have 24 new […]

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