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Legion of the Damned 7th Edition

Legion of the Damned Tactical Summary as of 10-26-16

There was a time not so long ago when Games Workshop would produce something digital; charge a fortune, and then think players would pay for it, under such a universe we got the Legion of the Damned codex. Games Workshop has since brought down the cost of Legion of the Damned codex, but for a time it was a big pile of hubris. To even qualify the Legion of the Damned book as a codex is a bit of stretch.

What players ended up getting was a way to drop Legion of the Damned units into any army of the Imperium. What players wanted though was a way to make Space Marine units and turn them into Legion of the Damned equivalents. The Legion of the Damned codex consists of one Detachment and one unique item, with no other differences from the Space Marine Codex version. It also means you have to use Deep Strike for any Legion of the Damned unit, so there is no way to run them as a Legion of the Damned only army.

The Legion of the Damned are though not without uses, they excel at popping vehicles that likes to hide in cover and are one of the best tar-pit units. This is thanks to the 3+ invulnerable save and all weapons having the Ignore Cover special rule. This combination makes the Legion of the Damned great for Sisters of Battle or Imperial Guard armies providing tools they both sorely lack. The Legion of the Damned in the end are a pretty random choice for Games Workshop to expand on, I expect we won’t be seeing any expansion of this “army” anytime soon.

Below you find all the quick reference material you need to build an competitive or fluffy Legion of the Damned army.

As of 10-25-2016 Legion of the Damned Detachments are…

  • Legion of the Damned Detachment

(See tabs for details)


Legion of the Damned Detachment

Force Organization

Compulsory: 1 Elite

Optional: 3 Elites

Restrictions: You can include two Legion of the Damned detachments in your army if you wish, but one of these must be the army’s primary detachment.

Command Benefits: None.

Source: Codex: Legion of the Damned



As of 10-25-2016 Legion of the Damned Unique Item groups are…

  • Relic of the Damned

(See tabs for details)

A Legionnaire Sergeant can take one of the following. Only one of each Relic of the Damned can be taken per army.

The Animus Malorum 35 pts:

The bearer and all Legionnaire models in his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule. Furthermore, whenever an enemy unit fails a Fear, Pinning or Morale check within 12” of the bearer, one randomly determined model in that unit is immediately removed as a casualty with no saves of any kind allowed (though Look Out, Sir rolls can be taken as normal). For each model slain in this manner, the bearer’s unit receives a +1 modifier to their Feel No Pain rolls (to a maximum of 2+) until the end of the player turn.

As of 10-25-16

The next section features all the various Formations each faction has. Expand each Formation for detailed information for, including (red highlighted) links to shopping lists for each Formation.

No Legion of the Damned Formations As of 10-26-2016

Below are any links to any buying guides, product reviews, or tactical articles related to the Legion of the Damned.