Wow, long time no post, sorry about that. Its been a busy summer for me, so that's my excuse!

Anyway, I always thought that crushing claws were a little wimpy looking. I wanted something a little more devastating, bigger, stronger. taking inspiration from the forgeworld claws! When I do conversions I like to make sure that there is little to no greenstuff work, because I suck at it. so here is what I've come up with and its pretty simple to do.

I should have took some pictures, along the way, during the conversion. oh well, next time. I'm going to build two sets. But I won't leave you hanging, there's some written instruction below the pictures. oh and a quick note here, you will notice i used the spiky carnifex carapace peice for the conversion, you can use what you like. I was thinking that the one with the holes would make for a great old one eye crushing claws.

4 crushing claws
2 carnifex carapace
2 carnifex scything tail

Take 4 crushing claws. cut the arms off right at the point the armor ends on the forearm. if you look at the crushing claw you will see a small notch in the armor, I used this as a guide to drill a pin to connect the two claws evenly. Fit them as you like, did you want the two claws to be even with each other or one a little curled in or out from the other.

Next take a carnifex carapace peice and cut the sides off. The double claw you have can glue right on the end of the carapace that has the nub, fit it how you like, imagine if you want the claws open or closed. its up to you.

Then you take one of the crushing claw arms, for mine I used the left arm for both my claws, because the left crushing claw arm is little more outstretched than the right one. But its up to you, if you want the right arm to be a little more folded at the elbow, go ahead and use the right arm. Anyway, glue that on to the carapace, I aligned it so that the front part of the forearm touched the claws. This makes the arm shorter, but if you your crushing claw forearm to be longer you can position it how you like

After that you will have to cut the left over arms at the elbow, position it so that the little spikes on the crushing claw elbow line up with the rounded grove of the carapace. This will allow them to be seen clearly. You will need to shave a bit off the inside of this arm so that it sits level with the other arm for the next step.

Take the scything tail and cut the blades off them, to make a knuckle, don't ruin the blades, one of them are going to be the thymb claw. Now glue on the knuckle, for me, the pointy tip of the knuckle lined up with the elbow of the arm and the knuckle part sat a little up from the claws. Thats the important bit. You want the thumb knuckle to be a little higher than the crusher fingers. I positioned my knuckle in the middle, but you can offset it like an opposable thumb if you like.

Finally, the thumb claw. I pinned mine, find a position on the knuckle you like and put that sucker on there and your done, save a little green stuff or personalization.

Whats left to do: a little greenstuff work and do something with the elbow.