As regular followers will know, I recently moved from Rockhampton to Brisbane in order to further my career a bit and try new things.  Doing so however meant that I needed to pack up all of my wargaming related stuff into boxes.  This wasn't too hard as I generally kept them in smallish boxes, so I just reorganised them a bit and them put them into larger packing boxes more suitable for moving.


Yeah that's most of my wargaming related stuff, although I realised that I'd mixed two more boxes and two army cases from that photo after I took it.  The only non wargaming related stuff in there is the Tai Chi swords and a fibreglass bow.

Whilst I was away looking for houses, I received the first stage of my Crimson Fists force including:
5 AoBR Terminators
2 AoBR Dreadnoughts
10 AoBR Tactical Marines
10 Terminator Shoulder Pads
5 Thunder Hammers
5 Storm Shields

This now gives me all of the infantry except for the Command Squad/Captain so I might get to put some stuff together soon.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I will have to search out better lighting.