My, my it's been a while...

Once again I'm thinking of rule improvements this time it's in the realm of fantasy or more specifically: Vampires

I've been learning the 8th ed core rules (yeah I know better late then never)

all and all some rules were nerfed (like fear, terror, and a maximum on power dice) and others were boosted like adding mage level to casting and dispelling, most importantly everything is a lot more simpler for faster, more fun gameplay.

so though one can say that Vampire Counts have been nerfed, People were complaining that they were overpowering so it's probably fair in the long run.

any way this is not what this is about...

in my honest opinion Vampire Counts don't feel like vampires just chaos lords with magic.

so I suggest this improvement to the vampire rule:

If a vampire slays an opponent in a challenge the vampire may then recover wounds equal to the overkill bonus this may take the vampire past it's starting wound count.
(reflects them feasting on the rival's corpse before his comrades eyes)