Hey there ladies and germs! I'm here to give my two thoughts about what I am thinking of 6th edition and running in the Nova.

Okay so I have played a couple of games in 6th and I love it! I was a little bit skeptical about the whole allies ordeal, however with the addition of Eldar's Psykic defense I feel Dark Eldar has more of an edge. I am not here to argue if I can fortune or guide my guys, because well I don't think so. (Sure would be nice though!) Hull points are my new favorite thing in the game now, it makes vehicles look like chumps now, however with Venoms only having 2 they die even quicker than ever before.

So what do we do about all of our good list that we have been running for so long? The key is getting off your alpha strike, to well give you the upper hand from the get go.  So that means we need a better chance of going first, well we already know who to look at, Baron is added into the list.  Now we need something for him to go in, Hellions are troops lots of them are awesome but in the new edition harder to keep alive. Next, you could add them to Scourges, that's right those gorgeous looking models can hit the tables, with their Haywire Blasters. Or the cream of the crop, Beastmaster Squads!  With Beast moving 12 inches now, they won't hinder each other, Baron adds Grenades and Stealth. More importantly, he is an Independent Character so you can place him at the front of the squad have him absorb lots of shots with look out sir and Shadowfield, POW allocate the wounds accordingly and you will have a squad that will hit turn two no problem! Add in 4 Beastmasters, 7 Khymera, and 4 Razorwings.

Next we have to add troops, I simply went with 6 squads of Warriors with Blasters, in a Venom with Dual Splinter Cannons. I am seeing less mech from a lot of different armies, so why not add in more shots and just in case some blasters for a strong alpha strike. With Doom running around on the table, whatever deathstar they have coming towards you will soon be Swiss Cheese.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention, 5 Guardian Jetbikes one with a Shurieken Cannon with a decked out Farseer running around the table, tanking and dooming.  Handy for the Relic mission, due to 12 inch movement per turn and hiding.

Heavy Support? Well now we are Dark Eldar, 3 Ravagers, NAKED. That's right, no flicker fields or Nightshields, with Jink and pre-measuring out there, there is no need for these point sinks.  Also add in my new favorite unit in my army, 3 war walkers with dual Scatter Lasers!  If there are a lot of transports on the table start them on the table and glance them to death. If you don't really need them, out flank them and refuse flank, and watch your opponent break a sweat!

After playing a few games with said list, I can tell I have one flaw. No dedicated Flyer answer, back to the drawing board.  I have really been thinking of putting an Aeigis Line with a Quad-cannon in my list, of course with a Fire Dragon Exarch.  He shoots at BS: 5, twin-linked, with tank hunters and crack shot (No cover saves!) It runs it at a hefty cost as well, but it would be one dead flyer a turn! Also freeing up room for a Razorwing, being able to shoot at flyers would help dominate the turn 2 or three change up when reserves come in.  It would also bring back some Anti-Infantry to the list to dominate!

Still working on it, and I am going to be painting all this in the next month! So look for more frequent post about tactics and what not!