It's been a very busy few days. I've mainly been focusing on two things; my new MKIII marines, and my slightly forgotten Decimator.

The MKIII Thousand Sons use the Legion Iron Armour I reviewed last time, apart from the sorcerer that leads them. All of them now have heads from the normal Thousand Sons set/upgrade pack, and one has one of the special bolters. The rest have standard Chaos Marine plastic bolters. I've also followed a bit of my own advice, and have added ammo pouches to a number of the marines, for added realism.

Their right shoulders (apart from the aiming marine, who has a metal Thousand Sons pad) have been left off for now. This is because I'm waiting on these awesome shoulder pads to arrive from Puppetswar.

A few of these marines have had cloths added to the front. This required a bit of trimming for them to fit. Even with the extra armour plates cut off below the belt, part of the legs needed slicing away so I could have the bodies on at a sensible angle.

The Decimator has been somewhat forgotten in recent times, and I felt compelled to try and complete it, perhaps for the next WGConsortium painting threat?

The shoulders and head needed the most attention. I've finished the basic trim on both shoulders, next up it will be adding small triangles and rivets to finish them off. On the left shoulder, I've also added some spikes jutting from the armour plates. These were cut from a spare arm from the Forsaken kit.

The head has had more sculpting work done. I've make it slightly bigger, and have started on the face plate. It will have more details, which will include cable ports and rivets.

At the moment I will just paint it with the storm lasers, but I still intend to build all the different weapon options.