Hi All

Welcome to part 3, the paintjob for my Mega Dread. First off I need to point out that this is a BIG model with lots of detail and gubbinz, so my usual paint scheme for my Orks took a while. If you've read any of my older Ork posts you'll know that I favour a patchwork, multi coloured scheme with a red,white and black saw tooth motif figuring strongly throughout and with "red paint jobz" being quite common too.
Considering the very wide palette I use they still seem to come out nice and I particularly like them on the board from 6' away, nice and bright and in your face, with the red really standing out. Anyway enough rambling here's a series of piccies running through  the process.
2 points of note; firstly I removed the 3rd big shoota due to data sheet changes for 6th ed and secondly I decided to base the model before painting to give me something solid to hold onto, the base is a GW flyer base.

The metallic plates washed with a variety of brown washes;

As an interesting aside you can see in the background a few of my new builds, all of which will be making an appearance at Worcester War II next year. Bwahahahahahahahaha! I love Ork toys!

With the red plates done;

With the multi-coloured patchwork of plates done and washed, this uses something like a dozen different base colours and 6 or 7 different washes;

The next step is to paint the white plates, I keep these to a minimum as they can easily take over the model if you use too many. Some get a dirty wash, others are kept nice and clean but painted roughly to give streaks in the finish.
I'll show that and more in Part 4 as this post is getting quite long now.
More in a couple of days.......