To keep things fresh, I've taken a small break from the Tyranid project, and used the time to paint up some Ratling Snipers for my Savlar army. 

Ratlings fit perfectly with the Savlar Chem-Dogs, straight out of the blister. The models were released alongside the 5th edition Imperial Guard codex, and have been completely undervalued in my opinion. This series of sculpts really elevated the Ratlings from being a straightforward WFB/Lord of the Rings port to being relevant to 40k. I've heard the models described as "mini-Ogryns" on some forums, and I'd completely agree: these soldiers look mean, aggressive and war torn, rather than twee...

I like the additional terrain sculpted with each figure, which adds some size bulk to their otherwise diminutive proportions. And yes, this guys even has fangs (or maybe just jagged teeth!).

Every figure drips character; equipped with proper field gear like rangefinder scopes, loads of pouches and practical uniforms.

There are, of course, some nods to the older versions of the Ratlings - for example, some models have open bags (including fruit!) on the bases. However, these touches don't overwhelm the models.

One Ratling has a cloak, and carries some (probably stolen) jewellery...

The final Ratling looks decidedly mean: note the skull on his belt, and his aged and war torn appearance.

Although they are now a few years old, I'd recommend the Ratling Sniper blister - these are some of the best models I've painted up in a long time!