Narok WIP – Part 1 & Harlequin Rant

While Lilith is taking her Simple Green bath I wanted to try out the Scale 75 paints I ordered a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it on Narok from Origen Arts, a miniature I really like. The box art is very well painted and I like the style they have so I thought I would use the same style but other colors. I’m more or less using the Scale 75 B&W set and a little bit (for glazes) of VMC Purple, Flat Blue, some Clear Red for blood and some brown for the leather parts.

I think this miniature is the first one were I’m trying to use a more limited pallete, quite fun I have to say, definitely something I’ll have to do more often.



Harlequin’s Part 2

So another kit is up for pre-order since last Friday, the Harlequin Skyweavers or just Jetbikes. I do like the look of them besides one thing, the small face/mask they have. Looking at the sprues it doesn’t look like it would be hard to skip them and use some putty to fill it up. I think it’s just the nostalgia talking but I was hoping for something a bit more like the old metal ones with the big face front.

I’m also a bit disappointed that they made them as big as they seem to be, not because their look or anything but it’s going to be hard to use my old metal ones but my gaming group is very easy going so I don’t think it will be a problem if I decide to use them anyway.

The rules for them seem pretty good, expensive but they add in some much needed firepower. I’m guessing that they will be fielded with the Haywire Cannon so there’s something that can hurt tanks from a distance. You’ll have to capitalize on their strengths and be careful with them, they are still very fragile.

Now I’m eagerly waiting for Friday for the Codex and the transport will go up for pre-order. There’s a couple of pictures from the coming WD that has leaked that shows the transport and a new Death Jester and Seer.

The transport looks quite a lot like the DE Venom but a bit bigger. I think they made the correct decision having it look like the Venom instead of the Eldar Vypers that looks pretty out dated now. I have two old Vypers so I’ll see if I can make them look better otherwise I’ll get some of the new Harlequin ones.

From the same leaks we also found out that the Codex isn’t a supplement but their own mini Codex just like the Militarum Tempestus which I was hoping for. Now I just need to figure out if it will be worth the effort of painting up my old Harlequin’s or not. I guess we’ll know in a week or two.



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