Greetings folks, and welcome back. Admittedly a little behind the current release buzz of the newest faction, The Adeptus Mechanicus (a long awaited faction for myself), my topic today is centered around the spiky chaps of Chaos. With so much to look forward to given their brand new codex of Khorne Daemonkin, Chaos has a lot of ground in which it covers. The army has two distinct feelings that dominate the design as a whole: Legions and Cults. But while the latter has been very well covered for the past few editions, the former has been very underwhelming. So with so much going on for Chaos (considering this most recent codex, the growth of the legions in Horus Heresy and it's potential implementation in GW, and the general idea that Chaos is up soon for revision), the army has the potential for a huge paradigm shift in how the design team can handle it.

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