It is the year 650, as the Christians note it, and the darkness that has engulfed the world since the Romanii betrayed the lands of the north and west only intensifies with each passing year. Established kingdoms and ruthless overlords war with each other even as they are raided by murderous pirates, once-slaves and northmen, and the brooding threat of the ice devils of the sea is matched only by the malevolent power of the inheritors of the ancient realms. In these lands of darkness only the strongest prevail in a never-ending struggle for survival against the bestial horrors man both brings to war and creates for it, and yet the greatest threat of all is perhaps the nature of man himself...

So leads the opening paragraph of The Darklands Quick starter rules and it gives you an idea of the world the game is set in.... Based upon an alternate twist of history where our darkest and most vile myths are made real and terrify the inhabitants of a bleak Europe. Each faction is based upon an ancient race or country of Europe; Norse, Angles, Romans etc etc.

I'm just about to start painting my War Daemon/Kruul model and it looks incredible! Will be doing a blog post on the process in the coming weeks.

Quite excited to learn more of the rules and story when released next year but for the time being here are some pictures of the (amazing!) models and you can read up on the beta rules here: