Hey everyone. Happy New Year! This will be the last time I say it, I promise. So 5 days into the new year and I've already completed part one of my resolutions "Get a Job!" so yay! How will it affect here....hopefully it shouldn't. Most days I'm working only 6 hours and they are either day or night, so plenty of time for painting and blogging.

So as an earlier post stated (linky), I'm joining IDIC Beer's Nick's New Year Painting Challenge 2016. The main point of this is to inspire and get stuff done! For the Challenge I have set myself the task of completing a Wraith Host (which will be bought in a few weeks), I'm also continuing with painting more and more Eldar.

So to today. I have some wips for you. First up the Wraithknight, sadly this guy took a beating in the suitcase after a move. He lost some back vanes and bits on his weapon.. Have to say I'm pretty happy with the paint job and though it's not the best weapon load out anymore, I like the pose and will most likely keep as is.

Wraithknight Abholos: Scavenger of Crone Worlds and Savoir at Godspeak Mountain.

Have let to finish the white on the gun. Will also highlight the gem more before gloss varnishing them.

An attempt at the House of Haladesh symbol, on groin shield.

Base will be finished with more details as well, just not sure what.

Then we have a wip of my Warlock for the Silver Keys Windriders. Just like the unit the warlock has the older style Jetbike and will be adorned with tiger stripes. In my mind the bike is on loan from the Eldritch Raiders for him to use. The model itself is from the horse mounted version of the Mouth of Sauron I used for my Warlock Yhtill model. Just like Yhtill I envision this warlock being focused on Death and destruction and chooses to show it in the way he dresses. 

Yaddith and his Eldritch Raider Windrider. Models base coat chipped from dropping whilst converting.

Witchblade sheafhed in bony holder on back.

Yaddith from the side. Here you can see how I cut the legs and reposed them, to make him sit more naturally. My main problem though, is how to run Warlocks in the army? Are they better to spread throughout the force, adding buffs to their own units and adding warp charges. Or to form Conclaves of them. Drop me your thoughts below. Either way I need a few to form conclaves for Formation and seer councils.

Then finally comes my multi count as model. This model can either be:
  • An Eldar Version of a Vindicare assassin.
  • An Autarch with Uldanorethi Long Rifle (most likely choice).
  • Illic Nightspear (though I want the model so unlikely this one).
  • A Ranger. 

The model itself was made from a metal ranger I had laying around in a bitz box and a female Dark Eldar head. I find the DE heads always seem more aggressive and warlike so perfect for someone on the Exiles path or an aggressive Autarch. If used as the Autarch, I can see them hanging out with Guardians in ruins. Using them as a meat shield if need be :) and calling in Air Support.

Autarch Asenath, it's a stripped model hence some weird marks or paint. The plan is to use Iyanden colours underneath a leather/tanned flesh long coat!

The base is from an old Freddy mini which I had, where he is bursting through the floor. In my mind she is stamping down with real force, to brace herself for shooting. I'm also thinking of giving her a power weapon, but is it wasteful on points? If she is getting charged then I am in real trouble as the enemy are in my DZ.

So there you have a few wip projects. As always drop me a comment below.