Some release news and a 'Salute' offer from Hasslefree Miniatures...

It's Salute Time!
And of course all day my computer has decided to play silly buggers so hopefully this gets out to you guys before Salute is over! :) Just in case I'm gonna keep the intro as short as possible!

We're up to our necks as usual the week before Salute. We'll be there though, bright eyed and bushy-tailed (or bleary eyed and caffeine-filled, one or the other, place your bets!).

Right, before we get on with codes and releases etc, a quick announcement...
E-Mail Change!
We have changed our primary e-mails. The old ones will still work for a while, just to avoid confusion but the primary email for questions and enquiries is now ADMIN at HFMINIS dot CO dot UK.
It's been updated on the contact page on the website etc.

You'll also now be receiving confirmation and despatch emails etc. from ORDERS at HFMINIS dot CO dot UK.

This isn't just to make them shorter and easier to remember, the others are quite old now and have proliferated a 'lot' meaning the amount of spam we get is truly insane. We'll be looking into the various spam solutions for these new addresses but for now this is a quick solution that has the added bonus of being shorter and less likely to cause a typo :)
Please let us know if you receive an email of any kind from the old email address or with the wrong physical address on (We are currently based in Caerphilly).  With a fully bespoke website there are a lot of files to change when doing something like this so we might have missed an instance lurking somewhere :)
Closing Dates, Sale Code and Silly Meme!
Any regular orders placed after this Newsletter won't go out now until after Salute. So likely the 18th April.
As a reward for the delay there is a 10% code now active until that date. Details on that below. As always we take care of anyone who's placed a large order just before a code is announced so there'll be a freebie in your order etc plus it'll go out now rather than then.

The code this time is a bit odd, normally we use the gimmestuff code becase I get to use the baby meme that I consistently find amusing but this coming week we will almost certainly pass a similarly amusing milestone on Facebook, 9000 likes.

As we'll be completely engrossed in Salute when that happens we've decided to join the two things and make this year's Salute code both a discount and appease my childish senseof humour by making it a daft meme too!

The code for orders while we are away is therefore 'OVER9000' :D

Use this code on the 'confirmation page', the last one before payment, to get 10% off your order.

(For anyone who has no clue whatsoever what I am on about, see this video)
Salute Pre-Order Code
For those of you going to Salute this is now the very last chance to get a pre-order in. We'll stop packing those on Tuesday so you really only have 1 day to get them in. After that you'll likely show up to us having a pice of paper and no picked order.

As always there's a nice freebie on offer for those of you who do order your Salute goodies in advance. You can pick from an extensive list of items (over 40 different codes from across our entire range!)

The code this year is the highly original 'SALUTE2016', and please remember that you enter it on the 'confirmation' page, which is the last one before payment details. There's a box at the top of the page.
(Every code we get people writing it in the comments box, other than making me smile, that does absolutely nothing! :) )

Also if your order is over £60 then the chosen freebie will be dropped into a lil Steampunk-themed goodie bag, if you order over £120 it'll be a double sized bag and so on!

(We were asked what a goodie bag is this past week, well HF goodie bags are lil bags with goodies in. What? :) Alright! Well in this case it's a bag with a mini and some bitz in, themed around Steampunk. They're just a lil extra thank you for the larger orders)

This is 'not' a free delivery code, this is a 'collection' code. If you use it to try and get free delivery it won't work as we do 'not' see your address. Collection codes blank that for us so we couldn't even accidentally send it to you :)

Any orders coming through this way will sit in a box until we get back from Salute and then we'll email you to invoice for postage, it's really not a good idea :D

Second Orders!

We were also asked about making a second Salute order. Well you can, just use the code SALUTE2016B. You don't get a second free mini though. However, if you let us know in the comments that it's your second order, we 'can' combine the two and if the combined orders go over the above £60 you will get the goodie bag :D

Why Pre-Order?
Well, it's a good idea in general, you get a freebie and your particular goodies won't sell out, but there are two specific groups of items that you should really consider pre-ordering if going to Salute.
1. Resin Masters. We do 'not' take Resin Masters to the show* unless they are in a pre-order bag.
Don't turn up looking for an Apprentice Raisa or a Dynamic Boudi, they likely won't be there!
2. Red Box (or other non-HF items). Our retail stock is far more limited than our HF stock. If you don't pre-order and you aren't one of the first to reach us then you could easily find yourself out of luck for that special Njorn Ravager or Aenglish Thug!
*See the one exception in the 'And Finally...' section at the bottom of this newsletter.
Where are We?
If you've been to Salute at the Excel before, then you know where we are :)
I've made a very subtle change to the Salute floorplan to help you out too.
Once again we are in 'Hasslefree Corner', with the new queueing and entrance system in the next hall (represented by the two arrows on the right) then we are at the back left corner after entering the hall.

Our stand number is TM03 and we are also running a Zombocalypse game, ably manned by Matt 'McFonz' Canning, on GM04.

If you click on the map, it'll pop-up larger, in case you can't see the red circle at the bottom left :)

As with previous years, you may want to make a beeline for us early as...
Salute Pre-Release Metals
We have been assured by our casters that the pre-orders metals will be here Tuesday, this will give us 'just' enough time to get som ebagged and blistered for the show.

Important information about these pre-order metals...

a) You can't buy them through the site or pre-order them, you have to come see us and pick them up in person,

b) They will be limited in stock, so first come, first served and...

c) We will be 'trying' to have the following available in shiny metal...

Haleth & Ulfred
Dynamic Lenore
Iona Starkiller
Elite Gaia
The Elite Penn State Five
The Nola Five
Cpt. Nee Sun
Sgt. Smallwood

Whatever comes in and hasn't gone wrong during moulding we will have with us at the show and some of them will not be available through regular website sales until May/June!
Artemis Black's at Salute
Our Artemis Black's retail store will be back this year.
That's where you will find all of our Red Box stock, plus minis from multiple other lines from around the world.

It's also where you'll find our Gourmet Gaming snacks available on the day, Jerky and Fruit Leathers and Boozy Marzipans etc. Just the ticket halfway through a long day!

In particular you will find the next line to be aded to our website after Salute...
Gamezone at Salute
Despite WFB turning into the ... let's say 'controversial' Age of Sigmar, we think Gamezone still has some amazingly useable miniatures.

For those of you looking for WFB alternatives because you are still, quite correctly, playing an older version of the game then they offer some excellent substitutes and for miniature collectors in general I absolutely 'love' some of these figures. The Silvanus Wood Elf hero has had his face in the C of my banner ads for years I like it so much :D

We'll have the full range with us at Salute and in fact will be offering them at 'Buy 5 get the Cheapest FREE!' on the day.
Resin Master - Dynamic Boudi
Queen Boudi of the Iceni, seen here charging into battle with her trusty spear.

A dynamic variant of the original Boudi, a miniature made for theDiceni trade show from original artwork by Matt Dixon
Resin Master - Eamond the Badgered
Eamond the Badgered, a Celtic Shaman, here seen mid-spellcast and wearing a variant of the celtic Kilt.
Resin Master - Taxxis
Queen Taxxis, last seen riding her very large familiar 'Deth, is seen here as a younger spellcaster.  Scantily clad and in the middle of a summoning she also comes armed for a confrontation with a choice of either the scythe or a bastard sword.
Resin Master - Miranda
Miranda, a windswept fantasy (or modern) female staring into the distance.
Also easily useable as a very understated spellcaster, such as an elementalist.
Resin Master - Kestrel
Kestrel is one of the scouts for our Modern trooper squads. Seen here returning from a particularly gruelling mission.
An interesting diversion from our regular 'in action' or 'at the ready' mini, this one is more fo a character study.
Restock - Golgo Legends
A restock of our Golgo Legends is in!
Restock - Magnetic Basing
Talking of restocks, a big restock of our magnetic basing suplies is also in!
Share the Love - Balls! at Macrocosm
We like to share the word of our industry friends efforts when we like something and in this case we also get to amusingly say 'Balls' a lot. Win-win!

Our friends over at Macrocosm have this Kickstarter running, and it's going very well.

There are Monster Balls, Colossal Balls, Floating Balls, Leggy Balls, Deflated Balls, One-Eyed Balls and with your help there are about to be Great Balls of Fire!
Share the Love - Sci-Fi Argonauts at Joek
Our friends at Joek are running this Kickstarter to help expand their 'Odyssey' range, which is sort of a sci-fi retelling of ancient Greek myth.
This expansion, fairly obviously, is the Argonauts. They are fully funded and on to stretch goals, next ones up are a new head and shield so if it's your type of thing then jump on in!
And Finally...
In the run up to Salute, Resin Masters will be the most last-minute releases. If you want to keep up to date with any of those last minute creations, then keep an eye on Kev's artist page on FB. Anything he gets finished before the show stands a chance of showing up, and in fact these last minute minis will be the 'only' Resin Masters we bring!
God, I hope that's it, that was the longest day yet!

No time to triple check for typos, enjoy yourself laughing at any ya find :)
'til next time,