I've done it again guys (starts banging head of the wall). Another fruit infused beer! Why do I do this to myself? As friends and regular readers may know by now, I love beer, I really love beer. But on my review list there have been some stinkers, some beer I would refuse to buy again. These beers have seemingly all fallen into one category: Fruit Beers!
Now I don't have much luck with fruit beers and I have accepted this fact, but I refuse to give up trying to find some I like. So with hope in my mind I'm going to try a fruit beer from a brewery I trust: Amsterdam Beer.


Name: KLB Raspberry Wheat
Style: Fruit Wheat Beer
Brewery: Amsterdam Beer (Website)
Country: Toronto, Canada
Price: $2.75 CAD - 473ml Can
ABV: 4.5%
Commercial Fluff:
"An all natural, unpasteurized smooth full-bodied Wheat beer brewed with toasted wheat malts & Nugget hops finished with Raspberry flavour. Crisp with a unique raspberry aroma & a satisfying wheat finish."
Own Opinion

Sight: Pours clear light amber with a hint of pink at the edges. A bit to clear in my mind for a wheat beer. The head is a white, frothy and hangs around.
Aroma:  A solid hit of sweet tart raspberries, along with a tiny bit of wheat/cereal. The raspberry aroma reminds me of the smell of lip balm. This isn't a thought I want as I'm about to drink this. Starting to regret my life choices already.
Taste: Subtle raspberry. Considering the strength of the lip balm aroma, I expected more of a taste. Hard to pick up anything else taste wise. The wheat is there but not in any really standout way. Tastes like it's been over filtered and cleaned away all the flavour.
Would I buy it again? No

So I'm not bowled over by this beer. On a hot summer day this beer could beer drinkable, especially when cold, but there are other beers I would pick over this. But when enjoyed as a single product (as opposed to just necking a six pack), it lacks a wow factor. It was a safe beer that seemed to lacked big flavours. To me it tasted like they had cleaned and filtered away all the good stuff. If the taste delivered like the aroma than I believe this beer would have been a true winner. Instead I'm left feeling meh! A swing and a miss on the fruit beers by these guys. So the quest continues....Got any suggestion on what or where to look in Canada for a good Fruit Beer? Drop me a comment below and as always click +1 or Follow me here or on social media:
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