Hi guys! So some of you may have seen from a recent post that I am part of a new project called Tabletop Ready. Today's post explains what it is, and how it works, and how it may or may not affect the future of Power Armoured Metal.

What is it?

It's a new online source of wargaming news, reviews, battle reports, tutorials, fan fiction and generally cool articles. Perfect for painter, modellers, gamers, and people who just enjoy a good read.

Who's involved?

As well as myself, there's a number of writers across the globe who will be producing content for the site.

Will it just be 40k?

Not at all! The site will develop as we produce more content and more writers join the team, but a whole host of other gaming systems will be covered in time. Writers may have a speciality (I would say mine is 40k) but there will be something for everyone.

When does it launch?

We've started work on getting some initial content added, and are finalising the design. We hope to be fully launched soon. You can begin reserving your founders passes from today.

I can see it's a subscription service, am I tied into a contract?

Nope! You can stay or go when you want, and will only pay for the months you sign up. Also, if you're not happy within the first month, you can cancel and get your money back! There's also no minimum subscription term.

How much is it?

This is where I have something special for you. A normal subscription is $29.99 (USD) a month, but if you get a 'founder's pass' now, it's 50% off for life. That's right, half price for as long as you like! Founding members also get:

  • Custom Founding Membership T-shirt.
  • Full Access to Tabletopready.com
  • Tabletop Ready videos
  • Tabletop Ready articles
  • Giveaway's
  • Direct interactions with the creators of the content
  • Inreraction with fellow members
  • Money back guaranteed within first month if you decide Tabletop Ready is not for You
So you get a fair bit for your money! And remember you can cancel at any time! I will say that there are a limited number of discounted spaces available, so if you want to take advantage of this great offer you'll have to be quick! All you need to do is sign up using this link, and put "The Thousandth Son" in the box "what brought you here?". The site also offers more info and an FAQ on the services we provide. 

Does this mean the end of Power Armoured Metal?

I have no plans to finish doing what I love. I may post less frequently, but I assure you for the foreseeable future Power Armoured Metal will continue to exist. This blog won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I will be creating exclusive content for Tabletop Ready, so I recommend signing up if you want to hear everything I'm up to. 

That's all I have for now, but feel free to have a look, share the news, even score one of those sweet, sweet t-shirts! It's a new venture so any support you can provide is hugely appreciated.