The muppet-Tau auxiliaries have not only their first painted mini, but their team leader whom I've dubbed Shas'wut? 

Here, check him out:

During training missions, the fusion blaster's ammo
canister is replaced with a silly string can!

Dead soul stones...they look
good on the mantle or so I hear.
Originally...I had thought to maybe use this mini as a Demiurg or...something. Well fuck it, Muppets come in all sorts of improbable shapes, sizes, and colors right? Right. 

Thus, rather than a Demiurg, this is just a short, round Jaloof muppet (doubt I'll much call 'em the Jaloof anymore as I only think 'em muppets) in a stealth suit which is obviously turned off since it bears no resemblance whatsoever from its surroundings...

Why didn't the citadel skulls
kit include Eldar Skulls?
After a few attempts, I gave up trying to come up with anything that looks exactly like a burst cannon or fusion blaster, however I was able to add two parts from the latter and figure that'll just have to do. In addition to the fusion blaster there's also a helmet mounted markerlight and possibly the only one that'll be in my team...dunno, will see I guess. 

I've not matte varnished this yet as its 20ish degrees (F) outside with snow flurries currently. Following that I'll add some 'ard coat to the markerlight's lens, the cold, dead soul stones on the base, and the visor on the helm. Speaking of...I made a hopefully not feeble attempt to replicate Dwartist's HUD effect on the visor. Not sure if it worked or not, certainly not as good as his, but not a too half-assed attempt I hope.

As with my Silver Drakes, I put together a customized Kill Team data sheet for both the mini above as well as my other muppet auxiliaries:

Point values will again remain the same as standard Tau. Really all that changes are a few minor handicaps to their stats to better reflect the models themselves, along with a few little bits of humor.