Well, PP isn't wasting any time with more MKIV news/previews and information.

A lore overview of the new Dusk faction (and House Kallyss army)

I would've preferred basically ANY art associated with it.  Give me a damn solo, or something.  This is fine, but come on- we want game-related information.

For instance, this is more like it

Some models for the new Khador Winter Corps army, some lore, and some rule hints.  A few interesting things coming out of this article.

Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova is going to give arc nodes to all of her jacks?  Khador with arc nodes?  Are you crazy?  That's amazing.  ESPECIALLY with the current way arc nodes stand, and the ability to give one of your jacks Unstoppable (with the Break Through command card), if you need to... this is going to make Khador very scary in the arcane game.  Plus, her feat could stock her up with focus.  She's going to be amazing, I think.

Dire Wolf looks amazing, of course.  The fastest Khador warjack ever built sounds great (EYE ROLL).  Just what I need, more Khador jacks in my face.  I'm glad they didn't give Khador a light, just to keep that thematic part of Khador around.  And hey, who doesn't love a Shield Guard?

The Great Bear looks fine... kind of just feels like a Mk3 Khador heavy, to be honest.  We'll have to see how it works with the weapon options.

And we see the full contents of the first to starter armies

So, for the Orgoth, that's a caster, a light jack, a heavy jack, 4 units, and a solo (plus various options).  Two hundred dollars is certainly a big ask to start with, but I tried throwing together a Crucible Guard equivalent, and came up with about 250 dollars.  The value seems to be there, at least. 

I could see myself grabbing both of these, and then waiting with the next factions, just to let my money catch up.  I already have a color-scheme for the Cygnar that I like (it's orange, I feel like I've put a picture up, somewhere).  For the Orgoth, I'm considering something with blues.  Maybe the US Navy's previous uniforms (the blueberries).

Image from Wikipedia

I'll give it a shot on one of the jack weapons first, and see how I like it, haha.

And now we get this article

Thursday!  Time to order stuff!  I like how the warcaster choice seems to be the Warcaster C one (i.e., not the warcaster in the starter or expansion boxes).  A smart move that won't leave people with bad feelings. 

Anyway, I am going to try to buy all three of the battlegroups, to give my friends and me toys to try out.  I'll work to get them painted quickly, too!  Exciting times for Warmachine!