Improvements on Red

After reading around on forums and a few painting blogs, I've had a go at changing my red recipe to improve it. In the past, I used excessive black lining in the crevices to add shade and I've tried something new for me.To add a more natural shade, after the red...

Blood Angels Librarian

The paint-job is a bit of a disappointment to me, but at least it's one more Blood Angel painted. Luckily, I have a much better librarian model soaking in some paint stripper right now, so I'll hopefully have a better painted librarian to go alongside this guy...

Blood Angels Rhino

I've completed a Rhino for my marines - I've used a 'weathering pen' that I picked up from hobbycraft, although it gives a nice built up mud effect I find it's hard to get the coverage right.

Blood Angels Captain

It's a pity that the Blood Angels captain is one of the most useless characters in any codex - I have two of them fully painted now. Oh dear. I have no idea why I painted this model instead of an assault squad come to think of it.