Black Templar Dreadnought

This was painted as an exercise to see how quickly I could get a walker finished. I used very simple painting techniques to speed things up, and I managed to get it finished far quicker than any of my Blood Angel dreadnoughts! Click on the images to enlarge.

I’ll be back shortly!

This blog is pretty much in hibernation right now. I've got plenty of new things to put on here, but I'm waiting until my life is slightly less busy. Until then, here are some of the best mini's I've painted to act as a placeholder.

1250 Point Blood Angels List

I've given in, and I've bought both the new BA codex and some of the plastic sets. I love the parts on the Death Company sprue, and armed with some Green Stuff and my bits box, I'm taking the parts and scattering them through the unit's I'm currently assembling....

Awkward Basing

I'm back after a hobby free Christmas and New Year, and I'd better get working if I want a painted Blood Angels army ready for April. I've started off slowly, now I'm a hairs-breadth away from a finished ten man tactical squad. I've been trying to get the smaller...