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What a whirlwind of year for GW. They started with a collective dud of that was the Tyranid’s release which saw no models we wanted and a resin kit turned plastic. Luckily for all of us GW did not fail, picking up steam once we were hit with the release of the Blood Angels. By the end the year we got some great Forge World releases and the Dark Eldar– the future once again looks bright. Still kits and models were a cut above the rest here are the picks for best of the year.

Best Metal Model

This was a tough one for me because of everyones love hate relationship with metal models. It came down to Lilith or Seth. I chose Seth not because Lilith did not compare, it is because GW still has not mastered the female form. Seth was truly dynamic and full of action and unlike his other Blood Angel brethren brought a sense of realism as opposed to Vampires with wings or flowing scrolled bandages. Also who doesn’t like a two-handed chainsword barreling at you.

Best multi-plastic Kit

Not only do you need great molds for the best multi plastic kit you also need BITS BITS and MORE BITS. These wyches have them where it counts most. With female and male bodies, different creative weapons, heads, and poses this kit has it all. GW understands now that everyone wants their army to feel unique and you can see an effort to that end. he Wyches kit does another thing great as many parts can be used on other Dark Eldar models both plastic and metal.

Best of Forgeworld

We know that Forgeworld can do big and do it great. They also can do small and this model is an example of that. Not only do they recast the iconic character of Huron they do so at the beginning of his corrupted best. From the flamer to the talon this is one great model. The detailed scrupled face where you see age or is it corruption starting to take its toll. The open pose also displays all the details of the model as any painter would not hesitate to take a crack at.

Best Overall

How do you get xeno players to consider playing marines? Well you start with kits like this. The Death Company kit is the pinnacle of Space Marine kits so many options so many bits laurels shoulder pads to play with. Most importantly the portions feel right where the Sanguinary Guard as a collection of bits might be better than the Death Company, but when used as intended the Sanguinary Guard are blown away. They can give personality to any other Space Marine unit. The poses you can make are not bulky and seem real. They do not have the gender issues of the Dark Eldar sculpts. This kit just simply does not have flaws and for that it cannot not be the best of the year.

So what got you all excited from GW or Forgeworld this year? What was your favorite mini to buy and play with?