Adepticon 2017 Top 16 Warhammer 40k Lists

by | Apr 7, 2017

Adepticon 2017 happened a few weeks ago, but instead of talking about all various events at Adepticon, our focus was pulled to Games Workshop’s spectacular reveals, from 8th edition rule leaks,¬† Death Guard, and a tease of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion. Adepticon has mastered every aspect of running a Wargaming Convention, but they are stilled dogged by a continued schizophrenia around the Warhammer 40k Championships. Adepticon has clearly made a conscious effort to focus attention on the Warhammer 40k Team Tournament, at what seems a detriment to the Championships. Every year sees a different take on the event, culminating in 2016 with a despised set of missions and top table cheating. This year Adepticon attempted to fix many of the self-inflicted fiascos with the Championships, but even with the fixes a streak of arrogance still runs through this singular event.

Adepticon Warhammer 40k Championship refuses to use modern technologies like Best Coast Pairings or proven missions packs like Frontline Gaming or the Nova Open, instead they maintain their special butterfly status while game play and tournament logistics suffer as a result. Either way, Adepticon has made positive strides, as the Championship saw an uptick in attendance for the first time in over three years.

The Warhammer 40k Championships is a four game one day tournament that has a day two for the top 16 players by battle points, who then have to play up to additional four games to determine an overall winner.

Here are those Top 16 lists from Adepticon 2017 (Keep in mind the results represent Day 1 totals with actual Overall Best General going to Nick Nanavati for I believe the 4th time.)

  1. Dan Platt 1st Overall Adepticon 2017
  2. Greg Sparks 2nd Overall Adepticon 2017 – Eldar
  3. Mike Taylor 3rd Overall Adepticon 2017
  4. Tony Grippando 4th Overall Adepticon 2017
  5. Zeke Sudbury 5th Overall Adepticon 2017 – Eldar
  6. Sean Nayden 6th Overall Adepticon 2017
  7. Sam Henley 7th Overall Adepticon 2017
  8. Dominique Carette 8th Overall Adepticon 2017
  9. Nick Nanavati 9th Overall Adepticon 2017 (Best General Undefeated)
  10. Kramer Doyle 10th Overall Adepticon 2017
  11. Doug Johnson 11th Overall Adepticon 2017
  12. Paul Miglino 12th Overall Adepticon 2017
  13. David Koszka 13th Overall Adepticon 2017
  14. Cameron Pineiro 14th Overall Adepticon 2017
  15. Andrew Gonyo 15th Overall Adepticon 2017
  16. Tim Gorham 16th overall adepticon 2017

Here is the link to the complete Warhammer 40k Adepticon 2017 Championships Results

Adepticon 2017 Warhammer 40k Championships Results

Here is a break down of the Top 16 lists by primary codex

  • 6 Space Marine
  • 5 Eldar
  • 4 Daemons
  • 1 Ad-Mech

As you can see diversity wasn’t a thing for the top tables at Adepticon, funny considering Come the Apocalypse was allowed, seemingly making the stronger Codexes even stronger. We also saw the first hints of how powerful the Gathering Storm units are as Crawl and St. Celestine made a few appearances. Thankfully, Adepticon is the last large 7th edition event. At least neither Eldar or Chaos Renegades won the whole thing, that is something…right?

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