Games Workshop June Market Watch 2017

by | Jul 1, 2017

Watching stocks over the short-term is often an experiment in futility; on April 2nd 2017 we looked back at the state of Games Workshop’s stock price and general financial health today we do the same…

We are back after a few months hiatus, just in time for one of Games Workshops’s annual reports. As common practice June saw Games Workshop give everyone a little tease of what to expect. Games Workshop continues to enjoy the fruit of good press, returning players, but most importantly the depressed British pound.

One outstanding question is how would with everyone knowing 8th edition was around the corner effect player buying practices, well to give us an idea lets look at the stock for the month of June 2017.

For the month of June 2017 the stock is up an amazing 23%. This was on the back of Kevin Roundtree bullish profit expectation and another dividend for shareholders.

How does it look overall year to date?

Thanks to last month the stock is up a ridiculous 46% percent! As long as the Brexit keeps on chugging along, expect the combination of good management and weak pound to fuel the company for the foreseeable future. The biggest concern going forward is managing expectations, because the health of Games Workshop might end up being a bad illusion based on an over saturated market.

Here are the current financial postings from Games Workshop for the month June 2017.

Trading update on close of financial year ended 28 May 2017

Director/PDMR shareholding


Holding(s) in Company

Next month we shall see the detailed 2016/17 financial year report on July 25th. Keep in mind none of these reports will reflect any early sales of 8th edition, we will have to wait until December to get any inclining of how well it has done.

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