Top ITC Tournament Lists for July 2017

by | Aug 10, 2017

Blood of Kittens attempts to provide continuous coverage of ITC events, in posts showcasing the Top 3 army lists from the largest events.

This particular post chronicles the large events for July 2017.

Blood of Kittens is back with lists galore as 8th edition is just getting started! Already we have seen major changes to the rules, as players quickly found the holes playtesters missed. This July report will be an oddity as the first 8th edition and the only month where players exclusively used the Indexes which will quickly be obsolete by the end of the year.

July saw events dive head first into 8th with only one large event sticking with 7th, so don’t expect any lists from them.

June 24th-25th was the Boise Cup.

  1. Tim Travers 1st Overall Boise Cup GT 2017
  2. Jeremy Veysseire 2nd Overall Boise Cup GT 2017
  3. Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 3rd Overall Boise Cup GT 2017(Illegal List changed in later rounds)

July 1st-2nd was the Caledonian Revolution 2017.

  1. Anthony Chew 1st Overall Caledonian Revolution 2017
  2. Alex Harrison 2nd Overall Caledonian Revolution 2017
  3. Courtney Rhodes 3rd Overall Caledonian Revolution 2017

July 8th-9th was the War Zone Houston.

  1. Michael Dehoyos 1st Overall Warzone Houston 2017
  2. Colin McDade 2nd Overall Warzone Houston 2017
  3. Brandon Sullivan 3rd Overall Warzone Houston 2017

July 8th-9th was the Wetcoast GT.

  1. Jeff Everitt 1st Overall Wet Coast GT 2017
  2. Paul McKelvey 2rd Overall Wet Coast GT 2017
  3. Rupert Campbell 3rd Overall Wet Coast GT 2017

July 14th-16th was the Slaughterhouse GT.

  1. Tyler Devries 1st Overall Slaughterhouse GT 2017
  2. Cyle Thompson 2nd Overall Slaughterhouse 2017
  3. Trent Northington 3rd Overall Slaughterhouse GT – Ultramarines

July 29th-30th was the BAO.

  1. Brandon Grant 1st Overall BAO 2017
  2. Mitch Pelham 2nd Overall BAO 2017
  3. Doug Johnson 3rd Overall BAO 2017

Below is the current breakdown of what armies are winning events. The list combines all the top lists for 8th edition 2017 ITC season events only, taking only the top three from each Major or GT.

  • 6 Ultramarines
  • 4 Astra Militarum
  • 3 Ynnari
  • 2 Orks
  • 1 T’au Empire
  • 1 Blood Angels
  • 1 Space Marines

If you want to see more lists separated by army/codex check out the new 8th Edition Top Army List Compendium.

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