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Best of 40k 2009: The Paint Jobs

Today we look at Blood of Kittens picks for paint jobs of the year. These are some the winners from various Games Day’s across the world that spilled the right amount blood for the Blood God! Marco Schulze with this epic model demonstrates that metallics do not have to be boring and without depth. The Space Marine triumph over the Tyranid scene is pure gold. The white and blues are an amazing achievement when applied to a metallic base.  You also cannot miss the beautiful work for the drivers. Milan Jespers at first glance presents a very dirty model....

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Best of 40k 2009: The Army Lists

Today we look at Blood of Kittens picks for best army lists of the year. These are armies that actually won something and weren’t just random net lists totally based on some parallel mathhammer universe. Big Waagh Best Overall Brian Crew Why settle for one Alpha strike when you can have two? This two prong assault is centered not only on the command squad assaulting at I5 and S5  (both re-rolling hits and wounds). If that was not enough you have outflanking Assault Termies to deal with. Brian treats his tact squads like Gretchin mobs coming in just in time...

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Best of 40k 2009: The Blogs

This is a first in a series of best of the best for the year in 40k. Here are Blood of Kittens’s picks for the best Blogs of 2009. Kantor Base is one of the blogs that has no agenda. Simply, Kantor Base is the extension of one gamer’s passion for 40k and all things sci-fi. Topics range from everything GW to the best weekly post ever known as Sci-fi Fridays. If you do not know,  just go check it out. Which easily makes Kantor Base one of the best of 2009. The Painting Corps is a clean and simple blog dedicated to making your hobby experience easier. With...

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It’s like Tactics: Eldrad

40k Word Association, where we take four opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains to tackle current 40k topics. First up is Miggidy Mack, host of the great weekly Podcast Dice Like Thunder This is a difficult word association for me.  I just don’t have enough experience playing with or against Eldrad to really get into the thick of things tactically.  Eldrad is a special character and there is loads to talk about when it comes to special characters.  I could go on at length about how players still have 2nd edition opinions on special characters, how running them now is no different from any other codex choice.  I’m sure many of the other typing heads will cover that stuff. I’m going to talk about assessing a unit, using Eldrad as my example.  When you first break open a new codex it is tough to figure out exactly what you want to run.  When I started Space Wolves I had no desire to use Mark of the Wulfen or Power Weapons… I was going all fists.  Now I have wide variety of gear.  I didn’t stop and do a full assessment of the units initially, assuming I had a full grasp on a marine codex.  So let’s take a look at the ways in which we can assess a unit. *Step 1)* Baseline comparison.  What makes this unit better than similar units.  Why is Eldrad better than a typical Farseer.  With Eldrad this is pretty...

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Best of 40k Internet: Cheap Gaming Table

If you are not happy with playing on the floor or on a ping-pong table then here is a solution for you! It will require a little bit of work on your part. So if you have no opposable thumbs skill, find a friend because nothing says man-child then building a gaming table! Here is a great tutorial for making a gaming table for all your 40k needs. Link It is so easy that even Miggidy Mack from Dice Like Thunder made one. Take a look at his creation. Then if you are just a rich bastard that has bad design taste, this is the table for you! Questions for Comment: What do you play 40k on? Does your local gaming store have good tables? What makes a good gaming table?...

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