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Bile Episode 3: Getting My Hands Dirty

Episode 3: Shorty after leaving the outer planet I got a communiqué from Darius, his arrival was imminent. Typhus dropped me off at the orbital station and I waited for Darius. The Iron Hands are one of the more punctual of the loyalists’ chapters. So when Darius arrived it came as no surprised. I had to put on my best Imperial face, which I almost forgot to take with me. Darius informed me of the role I was to play on this little mission. It seems that the Iron Hands have located some Dark Age technology on a planet...

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Bile Episode 2: Bile Filled Road

Episode: 2 After arriving at the station, I received a coded message from Darius that his cruiser was going to be late, having to navigate around a small warp storm. I was filled with disappointment at the thought of being stuck on a space station for a lengthy period of time. I remembered one of the smaller planets in the system was having a symposium on bio-cybernetic technology. Still I really did not want to go alone to some drab planet. Then, I remembered that my old friend Typhus was just a sector away, having culled and infected a...

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Bile Episode 1: 99 Luftballoons

Welcome everyone, as your embedded war corespondent Fabius Bile, here to report the truth as it is presented: dirty syringe and all. I have been able to wiggle my way into an Adeptus Astartes chapter under the direction of Forge Master Darius. Darius and his company are from the Iron Hands chapter, it is a chapter that has some very special needs. There distaste for their own flesh has worked to my advantage and the love of the Adeptus Mechanicus made for an easy disguise. As for the missions I will be reporting, from what I can gather the...

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Bile Episode 0: Gone Fishin

I want to let everyone know that I am going on vacation for about ten days. I do not know if I will have time to make any posts. Not to worry, I have been able to get a very special guest contributor to my blog. Many of you know him for his creation of the Noise Marines and being a perennial Imperium most wanted. To me he is simply my plastic surgeon, but you might know him as Fabius Bile. He has secured a very special data stream to report directly from anywhere in the Galaxy. Without going into...

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40k Douche Bag: The Madness of King Elessar

Imagine for a second Stelek is Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann; loud, opinionated, and egotistical, but from time to time can make some sense. Hold that imagine, then picture Glenn Beck; bloated, paranoid, and speaks for Tinfoil Hats and Flat Earthers. If Glenn Beck was a 40k Internet personality he would be The_ King_Elessar. A handle can tell us a lot about a person. When you think you are a literary King from an epic fantasy novel you have problems or at the very least you should have a wife as hot as Liv Tyler. I do not think Aragon...

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