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Best of 40k Internet: Resin Casting

GW loves nothing more than people resin casting their own minis. What GW loves even more is, when people post how to cast resin model on the Internet! My first job ever was resin casting for Epicast which taught me good from bad resin casting. When I found this particular tutorial I was happy to see how clear and easy it layed out the process. So break out your Rhino chassis and get casting! Resin Casting...

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40k Douche Bag: Black Matt’s Black Legion Blog Edition

Before I go all crazy on Matt I want to be clear; Matt seems like a nice person, dedicated to 40k, helping to build a strong community in his area. With that said, what crack is he smoking and where can I get some? Let us start with obvious. The title of the blog: Black Matt’s Black Legion. First off Matt is neither black, nor does his armies lists have any resemblance to the Black Legion. Let us start with the fact that Matt is white. Now I know some Northern whites might think race is behind us, but as demonstrated...

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It’s like Tactics: Havocs

I have a new habit, trying units that the Internet poops on and see just how ineffective they really are. I place an important caveat when trying these units out, the rest my army list will be solid. This is important to demonstrate just what the “weak” unit is doing or not doing for my army. Over this last weekend I played three games using Chaos Marine Havocs. This pricey unit has been forgotten for every other Heavy Support unit in the CSM codex, let us see how I fared with them. I ran three different units of Havocs,...

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Best of 40k Internet: Kill Hammer

We have all heard of Mathhammer. You know, the attempt to make 40k a soulless numbers game, not based on battlefield situations. Mathhammer is a tool for people that hate dice; so they can feel better about themselves, when in reality they lost to a better general. Now if you are fan of logic problems and figuering out how to best target the right units at the right times their is Killhammer. Over at my favorite forum Bolter and Chainsword, WarpAngle developed Killhammer. Killhammer is a way of thinking about units, how important they are to destroy and how important your units are to create enough carnage. Here is the gist of Killhammer Killhammer is a subjective system for...

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Meat for Meta: Mission my Mission

Yippee, Capture and Control with Spearhead again! It has only been a year and I am already sick of the basic missions for 40k. Along with the epic fail of Games Workshop not providing us withGrand Tournament missions this year, we do not have much to play wtih. Luckily where GW lacks the community provides. Doing some simple Google searches, I found some places with fun and easy to play missions. If you want to play test your ‘Ard Boyz skills, then GW provides you with missions you will be seeing. LINK If want to relive 3rd ed missions, then...

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