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40k Douche Bag: FLAME ON!

I been trying to be a good boy and avoid giving Stelek attention, honest really I have. I do not know if it was being stuck home from work or what, but I think I have poked the hornets nest. It all started with my comment to one of his posts… Honestly I am kinda curious why do you even play 40k Stelek? You are not that into the painting. You do not like the price gouging of GW. You think the competitive scene is crap. You think GW is going to fail soon. You can beat every player in the...

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Meat for Meta: Mission I see you

When talking about tournaments players tend to get hung up on many things. Some cry about comp scores, some put leeches on their eyes over victory conditions. What players usually overestimate is the difference among… tournaments that post their missions before hand and those that do not. It is pretty standard practice to post a scoring system, but often events do not post their missions. Either approach can make for very different game play, assuming every participant took the time to read the missions and plan for them. Having played both ways I can tell you honestly I have never changed my army list to fit the missions. I just went with what I had and hoped for the best. That being said which one should I prefer? Typically I am a opinionated bastard, but this one has me flummoxed. Here is a list of pros and cons which should help you decide which choice is better, even if I am riding the short bus. + pre-tourney mission release: No surprises, making for faster deployment. Test out missions before hand with local gaming group. Can tweak army lists if deficient for certain missions. Organizers can get direct feedback and make changes beforehand (which could cause other types of player whining). Players cannot bitch about not knowing the missions (who am I kidding really). – pre-tourney mission release: Assuming players...

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It’s like Tactics: What type of Excess to bring

Army lists will be the focus of this final report on everything Noise Marine and Slaanesh. As a warning, do not expect highly competitive builds. They will be effective against most opponents and balanced against any equivalent list. All the lists will be at 1500 and should be easy to expand. 1500 Gibson This a typical synergy army. All elements must work in tandem. I also tried to have unit backup; if Oblits fail bring in Termies. Havocs do not kill enough troops bring in double Doom Siren. Redundancy does not have to be about repeating the same unit over and over again, having flexible units are enough. Simple Pointers: Havocs for transport and troop culling Sorc along with Termicide, use Icons from Lucius and Noise for precision strike. Lucius rides with Noise Squad to deal double dose of Siren. Lesser demons for tarpit or objective holding Oblits for Heavy Armor. Dred to soak up fire. 1500 Fender This list is based on unit redundancy to make up for Noise Marine deficiencies. Remember that Lash does not always have to be used for offensive Mortal Kombat Scorpion tactics. Lash can be a defensive weapon as well. You can push units away if you are not ready to mount a barrage or assault. That is the point with this army you have to focus on one unit at a time...

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Meat for Meta: Kill Points have feelings too.

Oh, Kill Points why does the world hate you so much? Oh, Kill Points why do you make Mech armies cry? Oh, Kill Points why do I have to massacre sometimes my opponent to win? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when thinking about Kill Points. I have seen it on blogs, forums, and tournament missions all pointing to one thing… everyone hates Kill Points. Why so much hate? The hate is converging for two reasons. The first reason is Kill Points are too simple of a victory condition. The response by the community has been varied. The first wave of ideas to spice up Kill Points were simple; some units would give you more Kill Points then others, from Elites being worth more Kill Points to Troops being worth none. This is a problem because so many armies could be overstocked on one type and not another. Next integrating Kill Points into objective missions. These hybrid missions create scenarios in which Kill Points play some role, like kill the HQ along with taking objectives. The problem with this type of mission is similar to other attempts; just creating new ways to hide the salami. Finally, the return of victory points. The good old times of busting out the calculator and hiding squads in order to deny full points. People have been focusing on...

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Meat for Meta: Really, it is not that scary.

People hate the unknown and get ants in their pants when they cannot account from something random. In 40k the random is anathema to mathhammers and power gamers alike. The random can throw a wrench into someones perfect plans. All good powergamers avoid… units that have random effects. It is not only powergamers, but many players avoid units like Chaos Dreds, Wierd Boyz, and Possessed or wargear like Plasma just because they fear something going wrong. It is time to live a little and give such things a chance. Just as you dread a bad roll so can your opponent fear you getting a good one. I have had Possessed get power weapons to take out termies or Ork Trukks to careen to a perfect location. Sometimes powergamers one track minds cannot handle such randomness usually ending with blaming everything on luck. When thinking about taking something with a random effect, focus on what else the unit or wargear does not its chance ability. A unit like Dark Eldar Wyches, are badass even without their random ability. What makes them fun is you can change completely how you use them with there random power. Take for instance the Weird Boy, your opponent drives his Landraider in your face hoping to drive home the point that Orks cannot hurt AV14. Then, your Weird Boy gets his str 10 melta shot...

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