Dark Eldar: Trueborn Painting update.

Well Looking forward to some sexy (flying) models has given me the boost I need to get on with the painting again. These are a bit rougher than before tried to speed things up a bit and only managed to get a few hours every other night this week in , doing a bit at a time seems to favour my sanity/back so maybe I’ll try and make a habit of just doing at least ‘one bit’ every day , often one turns into two… 

Completed two more, a blaster and a Dark lance, I have another Dark lance, blaster and a Drakon to do before the squad is complete , though I will usually just run the 4 blasters, would rather paint a 7 man squad that can be used as is or broken down and used in different ways.

Sorry the photos are wank, is late ,rush job. I be sure to get some really good ones when the squad is complete.