So one day I was traipsing through the forest of forums and I came across something unusual, something so cute and adorable I just had to have one…wait no I had to adopt one. Cute little Daemon Adoptables!!!So I quickly hurried to get myself my very own androgynous Slaanesh daemon baby. All of sudden I had to stop myself, I vaguely remembered my niece talking about something called PonyIsland.

Now what the hell is PonyIsland you say, well it is a place where you can raise your very own Ponies online. Now not any Ponies I am talking these ponies. At which point I threw up a little, you know the kind that sits at the top of your throat then slides down.  I was about to My Little Pony part of my 40k experience! To this I said HELL to the N.O. I am not going to Tamagotchi up my postings with a little 5 bit pixels. My game is called “Warhammer 40,000” not “Look at my little daemon grow”. It is a game with the tagline “In the Dark Future there is only War”, there is no adoption in 40k,  let alone this kind of adoption! Oh, more insidious still other people help me grow it and some are rarer then others! Just thinking about it I got a Pokemon Ball ready to shove it where Tzeentch cannot even find it.

I call on everyone to stop the insanity before we start seeing trading cards.