You know him, the guy that recorded the History Channel when it was all just WWII documentaries. The guy that for whatever reason just could not get into the military. He is the type of guy that knows every line to Hogan’s Heroes. I know you have met this guy. He will forever be a Imperial Guard player.

This IG player started out playing Historical Miniature battles, he realizes you can only play the battle of Armhem so many times. He also has a passion for modeling and painting and gosh darn it those WII figs were not cutting it. So in the early 90s he discoveries this relatively new game called Warhammer 40k. Staring in his face is Marines, Ork, Chaos,  and  Eldar. Must to his chagrin something was wrong about all of them. Marines reminded him of either his strict father or overbearing mother. Orks are just too silly, though he really loves the numbers you could field. Chaos is too evil, he wants to be a hero not the villain. Eldar are sissy space elves. About to turn away he sees something out of the corner of his eye;  something familiar,  something sorta historical. Picking up the box it was not any box it was this box wd109p41rtb07imperialguard-013
It was 36 little plastic army men. These were not the  gene seeded super soldiers; these could be anyone, these were the every man. Better yet he could put them together however he wanted and they were big enough to painted with detail. So the hook was planted. As the years passed on the IG never failed him in the most important sense because god knows it failed a lot in the battlefield. Where they did not fail was in feeding his war obsession. Just finished reading a book on colonial Britain he got Praetorians. Just watch Lawrence of Arabia he got Tallarns. Watched a Platoon and Rambo 2 double feature he got Catachans. Even if he watched too much Red Dawn or had a soft spot for Cossacks he got Vostroyans and Valhallans.

Most of all though he got Tanks and not just one tank, but many tanks! Whatever little fantasy he could dream of could come true, armored lines blowing holes in enemy formations. Valiant close combat battles where  miracle dice roll holds the line.  Epic spam of crappy guns turning the tide. Of course this only happened one out of ten times, but when it did he was ever more committed to the cause. He is the first 40k player to discover cos play from a commissars to these crazy blokes


Committed is really the right word to described this player because without the Imperial Guard he might been committed or stayed in his mother’s basement which ever one came first.

Next time you see this guy just remember to tip your hat, because he is the original IG gangster. Importantly like the old Ork player before him, this IG player might be a  friendly reminder from the hordes of power gamers that will undoubtedly squeeze ever last ounce of fun out of the Imperial Guard.