It really should not bug me, but it did. Over at the great Bell of Lost Souls is an Imperial Guard army list, using the new codex on their main page. Now Joe 40k six pack posting this list on a random forum is one thing, on BoLS it is another thing. What bothers me is BoLS is better then that. A whole lot of people have not read the codex, like Australia. BoLS comes off looking elitist. Its the kind of epeen waving that gets you caned in Singapore. The post started a circle jerk on the comments page. It was battle of those in the know and those not.

Now you may be thinking I am just butt hurt; I am not one of the cool kids with the new codex. Well I have a copy and read it cover to cover (looks for a cane). Worse, the list posted is sad. JWolf simply got the dex and like a fat girl going on diet, picked five random things on the menu and then ordered a salad. Who the hell would take an allied Daemonhunter Inquisitor when you can get a Psychic Choir?!? At least make everything on the list from the codex.

It could be said that JWolf made a list using the figures he had, but using BoLS space just to post a self gratifying list might be worse. If I wanted that I could go to Warseer or Xtube. BoLS could of done better by doing things one of two ways. Either go all out;  get Goatboy to make some cheesemonger list, with each force organization selection having three of the exact same thing. That way it would be clear that BoLS was  catering to the forum whoring segment of the population.

They could of also done something smart and constructive. Maybe a post that focuses on a specific aspect of the new codex, like issuing orders. That way you give the unread something to oh… read, this builds anticipation for the codex and not, “Mommy, look at what I made”

There is something else, I went on BoLS today to find the article listed as being posted yesterday, the 14th. Funny thing I posted to the comments, I could of sworn on Sunday. Also my posts say I wrote them yesterday funny, because I was playing a friendly 40k game at the same time I supposedly posted. Now this could be some computer issue or I might be wearing a tinfoil hat. Just something to think about…