By popular demand, here are the photos I took at Kublacon’s 40k Tournament. Thanks to fellow 40ker Jon for the use of his high power camera I was able to take pictures of all the armies. There was 60 players and most had well painted armies.

Here are the pictures of the winning armies from this year

Best Paint Job


Here is my pick for best paint job since the person that won this year also won with the same army last year.  I guess the power of a cute girl always overrides good judgment everytime, so lame. Makes me wish I had fucking tits sometimes to jiggle before the judges.


Best General


If you can look past the fact that none of his army was painted this guy went through some tough opponents and really deserved his victories. You notice how he does not have 3 of one thing! OMG someone can win a tourney with an assortment of unit choices I know so super shocking!

Best Overall


Not another Space Marine army winning! Totally cheesy that he spamming tact squads! I am starting think the people back East live in an alternate universe from the rest of us, because all I ever see is balanced forces winning Tournaments out here. The fact that I even tabled a Nob Biker army says something about the state of the game. People on the Internet really need to get their heads out of the forums and actually play games and not speculate on what they perceive are “power builds”.

Oh and extra points if you can find my army in the mass of pictures.