I know have ranted about this before, but I cannot help myself. I have new challenge for GW: can you go one year, one measly year without doing anything with Space Marines? Fresh from Gamesday Spain, Robin Cruddace author of the IG codex spoke about the upcoming slate for GW. In the discussion it was revealed that GW is hard at work on Blood Angels and Black Templars.

Frankly, I can give a flying frak about more Space Marines. If they go along with updating more chapters all we end up with is a Space Marine on Space Marine thunderdome. So I put it to you GW, announce a moratorium on anything Space Marine until you finish new dexes for the Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Tyranids. According to the discussion Dark Eldar are still at least a year away. The other two are also down the road. What was made clear was Angels and Templars were in the works right now! Really frak you GW.  What is the point of Space Marines if they do not have anyone to fight?

I am really sick of the complete devotion to them. I know they are flag ship of 40k, but this is pretty ridiculous. What does that mean for the Eldar, by the time GW gets to them they will be more outdated then Eminem. I would not be surprised if GW announced another Space Marine chapter is in development. I am just getting sick of everything else gets pushed back while we get the millionth iteration of a tactical marine.