I was getting ready to hit the hay on Friday, when my phone started blowing up from friends informing me, that Stelek of Yes the Truth Hurts had just called me out. I knew it was only a matter of time. I just thought it would take a lot longer. I am a nobody with a blog devoted mostly to my ego and a few friends. He has a blog devoted to a 40k cult and his entire emotional well being. So why come down from Olympus and toy with a mere mortal? Well from the sounds of it; just shits and giggles, well not really, but first we need his side of the story.


Make sure to read all comments. That way I do not have to repeat myself, much. Stelek’s initial comment on why he even took notice was enlightening.

I do notice rants on the Internet directed my way.

Most of them are on forums, so I pay them no heed. Hell, I still have people badmouthing me on Dakka in their sigs. lol

Anyway, today is the wife’s birthday and I’ve been searching the Internet for useful sites.

I came across one, that I’m not sure if it’s pointless or not to take note of it, but hey why not.

I can man up and take a few punches.

So here we go.

I could have an entire separate post where I play amateur Freud, but for this purpose lets keep things simple, by starting with the obvious. WTF are is he doing searching the Internet on his wife’s birthday looking for people talking shit about him? Is she really that kinky, making lingerie out of blog and forum flame posts? I wonder how his Google searches went, I know one of my topics had the word douche bag in it, now I shudder to think what he was considering “useful”. Is it pointless to take note of me, if I was him I would think so. One problem though, is Stelek loves something more then most, validation through confrontation. He wants to prove his points over targets that share one commonality, they are easy. Be it on the table top or on the Internet; attack those that either cannot fight back or in my case, probably respond in a such a matter that makes me look like the bigger asshole. So in a sense Stelek can take a few punches, they just happen to be controlled punches.

Stelek attacked from a point of strength, his knowledge of the facts. The problem is, at every turn he failed to realize that it was never about him. If it was ever about him, it was about his mentality, not about his facts. I know sometimes it is hard to believe that 4ok is more then just army lists and padding yourself on the back. It can be about how you respect your fellow gamer and the choices they make. You can call their army crap, but if you want to convert them to your cause it does not make sense for it to be personal.

As for Stelek’s final comments to his post his major argument is directed at my opinions about him as a player. Once again he is attempting to defend himself from a position of strength, his battle record.

When I lose, those are fine excuses. Usually it’s my choice to lose–I know it’s a conceit, but I don’t take shitty armies to tournaments. While others might believe a certain army is good or bad, I rarely find myself sitting there going ‘man am I outclassed’. Taking Demons to the recent lolz tournament meant when I inevitably faced John in the finals (which would have happened with 20 players instead of 4) I really had to have a perfect game. That Immo list is up there with my Tau in terms of asskicking on my demons. That was a choice.
Note in GT’s, I don’t take shitty lists so I don’t lose. There is a big difference between friendly games with fun armies in a FLGS, and tournament games with no mercy armies.

Hell, I’ve taken lists people swore up and down sucked and won with them. If winning 5 games in a GT environment isn’t enough to show my skill, what is? I get crowned the grand poobah of internet bullies and get handed a GT trophy? lol

This was in response to me saying.

That was a playful snipe at you. It comes from the standpoint that like a lot Internet trolls me included, having read your YTTH and dakka posts; you come off like the the type of guy that when they lose you place blame, not on what they did wrong tactically but on three things.

1. “I was playing for fun”
2. Bad dice rolling.
3. Army itself or the list sucked.

First off, when did I ever ask for his records? I was talking about when he loses. I did not need to know his abilities at winning why would I argue about that? His response reminds me of our former President, when he could not think of any mistakes he had made. Besides sounding like an egomaniac, everyone makes tactical mistakes, even the great Stelek.  It also sad admitting one is an egomaniac, it does not make your excuses any better. He says it is his choice to lose, when in fact it really about how he wins. What I meant for this comes from a link he wanted me to read.

It is obvious the mailer is a total freak and the whole king of 40k thing is really creepy, but he did speak one major truth, Stelek did play it safe. In fact it is something I would of done if I was a better general. Bring a mostly balanced and creative list, that is not over the top. Second use the scoring system to your advantage no matter the outcomes. The only minor risk is winning the first game. Depending on how much you win the first game, it will dictate how to play out the rest of the tournament. With how GT seating is done, Stelek moved himself into the second tier of players. With his skill level he guaranteed four more wins. So he gets to claim he is bad ass, because he just went 5-0 at a GT, at the same time not risking his image. Since Stelek always has many goals and objectives, he can spin almost any outcome how he sees fit. If luck would of had it and he massacred all his opponents, getting a perfect score he would proven he was more then just big mouth. Still he was not about to risk taking a truly killer list and be beaten. If he was beaten with a tooled list, his whole house of cards would of come down and that is a risk Stelek never seems to take. Of course he might also fall back on dice cheating, which can be valid but you run the risk of coming off as the boy who cried wolf. In the end, instead of being ranked best general he was tied for 15th. As for the pick-up game against the winner of the GT,  he lost by playing for “fun”. Once again no risk, he wins he proves something. If he loses he can still claim “if only I took” without considering how the other opponent might of played it. Also by taking the perceived high road of “playing for fun” any back talking by the other participants seems like just dickishness and Stelek comes out smelling like a rose. Once again able to fall back on the three things I pointed out, no matter the outcome. I am glad he can conceit my points, still I know he is running with some loaded dice when it comes to perception.

I really should add a 4th thing, playing the victim. I know it is hard to believe Stelek as a victim. Why post about me posting about him, victim. Why remind us about being kicked from DakkaDakka, victim. Always mentioning people bashing him, victim. I know it is hard to get up on the cross, but does he really need it at this point?

Now on to the good things Stelek said.

His posts on dice cheats are great! They will be my “best of” for this week. It was something I was totally unaware until a few weeks back and Stelek does a great job of crystallizing the problem. His post about “Duality of Purpose” is somewhat connected to my discussion about AP vs. Spam, it does a great job demonstrating how one can look at the different roles, units play in an army. It is also good that he did get something out of his ‘Ard Boyz experience, I know I wouldn’t of.

My whole diatribe concerning YTTH, will always focus on how they affect the greater 40k community and the pitfalls there lie in. I hope this all ends here, because it is really much easier throwing stones then having to dodge them and then throw them back. Still if I have my bag is no where near empty.

Instead of being ranked best general he was tied for 15th.