Yippee, Capture and Control with Spearhead again!

It has only been a year and I am already sick of the basic missions for 40k. Along with the epic fail of Games Workshop not providing us withGrand Tournament missions this year, we do not have much to play wtih. Luckily where GW lacks the community provides.

Doing some simple Google searches, I found some places with fun and easy to play missions. If you want to play test your ‘Ard Boyz skills, then GW provides you with missions you will be seeing.


If want to relive 3rd ed missions, then the people over at 40kFightclub have a great selection of missions for you to test and give feedback about. You do have to register with Fightclub, but it does not provide any vital information so I just used one of my spam email accounts to login.

Here is the LINK for the site.

Once you are registered here is the direct forum LINK for their missions and play testing information.

Over at DakkaDakka there are several missions to try, taking a 5th ed look at some oldies.


Heresy Online has also compiled a list of specialized scenarios for people to run from Zombies to renacting famous battles.


Finally my favorite, have you ever wanted to relive your 2nd edition mission days? The site provides objectives the size of 2nded mission cards. Randomly pick one for each side and roll for deployment and you are ready to go. Included also are old school wargear cards that add a bit of randomness to your game play.


If anyone knows of other good missions let me know, I will keep a running list.

Thanks to Hellios at Bolter and Chainsword