We have all heard of Mathhammer. You know, the attempt to make 40k a soulless numbers game, not based on battlefield situations. Mathhammer is a tool for people that hate dice; so they can feel better about themselves, when in reality they lost to a better general. Now if you are fan of logic problems and figuering out how to best target the right units at the right times their is Killhammer.

Over at my favorite forum Bolter and Chainsword, WarpAngle developed Killhammer. Killhammer is a way of thinking about units, how important they are to destroy and how important your units are to create enough carnage.

Here is the gist of Killhammer

Killhammer is a subjective system for determining target priority and unit effectiveness that allows you to evaluate the key components of your army and your opponent’s army, providing a framework for target priority. The objective is to create a “kill gap” between you and your opponent. A “kill gap” is the difference between the effective offense of your force and your opponent’s force. This is achieved by reducing the kill potential of your enemy by always targeting the more important units first while protecting and effectively utilizing your most important units.

 To understand the nuts and bolts check out the forum topic here.