This is a first in a series of best of the best for the year in 40k.

Here are Blood of Kittens’s picks for the best Blogs of 2009.


Kantor Base is one of the blogs that has no agenda. Simply, Kantor Base is the extension of one gamer’s passion for 40k and all things sci-fi. Topics range from everything GW to the best weekly post ever known as Sci-fi Fridays. If you do not know,  just go check it out. Which easily makes Kantor Base one of the best of 2009.


The Painting Corps is a clean and simple blog dedicated to making your hobby experience easier. With easy and clear tutorials Paintings Crops is a great one stop shop for painting and hobby tips. It is not as flashy as some other hobby tip sites. It just gets the job done, novices to experts can learn easy and cheap ways to get there latest projects done. The Painting Corps could be better if they posted more often, still the quality of posts makes up for lack of frequency.


Yes the Truth Hurts, love him or hate him you cannot deny the monster that Stelek has created with his blog. Taking on conventional wisdom as well as beating you over the head with fierce opinions; Yes the Truth Hurts is one of the dominant voices for 40k on the Internet. Throw in a dash of reality tv and nerd rage and you got the perfect heroin habit you just cannot kick.


Mechanical Hamster is a demonstration on how one post can set off a firestorm burning the 40k universe for a good month. Gav Thorpe former codex writer for GW lit the match when he tried to explain the design decisions behind the latest Chaos Space Marine codex. As news quickly spread the masses took to the comment section and demanded blood. Instead, they got more excuses followed by bad ice cream analogies. If a blog can be called the best for one post this would be it.

These are Blood of Kittens picks for the best blogs of 2009. Of course there are other great blogs these are the ones that spoke to me for the year of 2009.

Questions for comment:

  1. Of the four, which one would be your top pick?
  2. What blogs do you keep on coming back for more?
  3. What would be your top blog of the year?