Today we look at Blood of Kittens picks for best army lists of the year. These are armies that actually won something and weren’t just random net lists totally based on some parallel mathhammer universe.


Big Waagh Best Overall Brian Crew

Why settle for one Alpha strike when you can have two? This two prong assault is centered not only on the command squad assaulting at I5 and S5  (both re-rolling hits and wounds). If that was not enough you have outflanking Assault Termies to deal with. Brian treats his tact squads like Gretchin mobs coming in just in time to claim objects, while the rest of your army has its hands full with the two-headed beast.


BoLSCon Overall Winner Michael Strange

In the feel good army list of the year. Micheal Strange survived defeat and seven games in 48 hours, only to face in his final match the same player that almost dashed his dreams earlier in the tourney. If any list needed the hands of an experienced player this would be the one. It also a list that cannot be played timidly, with such foot slogging elements sitting back would of only ended in a rivers of tears. To see just how Michael Strange won BoLScon visit this topic.


Wild West Shootout Best Overall Alex Hernandez

A true throw back to earlier additions this non-mech Eldar would seem destined to lose every game. With Khaine and Eldrad on his side, Alex “Blackmoor” Hernandez was able to best his five opponents. This a great example of a flexible army that can deal with all threats and is not overloaded on any particular slot. To see exactly how Alex won, check out these topics on Dakkadakka.


Conquest Seattle Overall Winner Chase Lindo

This is a story of a player and an army that doesn’t collect dust just because GW does not support CSM chapters like the Night Lords. It also a list that puts flashes a big middle finger to people thinking that CSM bikers are the lose. Not to mention Princes without Lash. This is a great list for those that like up close and personal engagements. It is amazing that with no real long-range shooting, Chase was able to avoid gunline armies that would of annihilate his army.

All these lists demonstrate that good players beat net-lists and assumed axioms. It is why they are easily the best of 2009

Some of these lists I had to cobble together from various sources so if you see any wargear mistakes let me know and I will update the pdfs.

Questions for comment:

  1. Which of the four lists do you like the best?
  2. What army lists in your local area have really excited you?
  3. What type of winning armies do you like the best?