In the 40k universe one voice stands above the rest as the defender of non-competitive play that person is Andrew Sutton otherwise known as Stelek founder of the website Yes the Truth Hurts.

…this is his story.

Sunday April 4th 2010: Stelek captain of the mighty truth armada gives amazing tactical insight into the armies that made it to the final tables at Adepticon this year.

I am curious–is there a timewarp back to 2007-2008 on the way to Adepticon?

–Is this a reference to the last time you were at a major event? What year 2008 or 7 was it? It would explain why these lists seem so familiar. Also explains why all your lists look like 3rd edition Tau armies.

There are 4 army lists posted on this page.

Goatboy has a passable 5th edition list, with my only questions about it are the HQ/FA layout (obviously I run my SW differently) and the 3 HB Long Fangs. He would have brought missiles in both squads if he had them.

–I am curious how Stelek runs his Space Wolves. Does he run them at a local gaming store…wait no he is not welcome to his local store. Yeah it is really sad that Goatboy won by taking Eternal Warrior a Wolf Lord that could have been instant killed by many things otherwise. I guess this list did not pass Stelek’s patented how can I make every army a gunline test.

At any rate, here are the other 3 lists.

Someone’s CSM, Orks, and Demons.

Personally, I’m embarrassed that this is what is considered competitive at the ‘top’ event for 40k.

–I am more embarrassed that people pay attention to your ramblings. I mean while Adpeticon does have its failings it does bring a lot of players out of their homes to play games against actual people they wouldn’t normally play against. If you took the time to leave your basement instead of at this point re-posting other peoples lists, you might actually  enter the world of 5th edition 40k.

Please explain to me how this is a competitive event, when these are the lists (supposedly run by awesome previous GT winning players who really know their shit) that are on the top tables.

–I am sure you been over this, but what makes an event competitive again? I think it has something to do with pitting two or more people against each in order to win something. The important part is it takes two people to tango and since Stelek only competes against himself I think we all can agree that is not very competitive.

Anyone care to give it a go?

–I will give it a go! Since I watched the games of the players involved I might have more to say than your typical arm-chair general. It is funny how the Ork player in is first game defeated a two land raider Lysander list with tankhammers. Funny did you know Tankhammers are str 10 I never knew that Orks had such weapons, also they have these things that do 2d6 + 8 funny I could of sworn that Orks cannot kill Land Raiders at least that is what Stelek had told me. Did I mention that those Tankbusters at times rode in Trukks!!!

–As for the Deamon list I find it funny that melta spam and other low AP weapons have the exact same effect as higher AP weapons. Funny how Stelek clone armies come up ineffectual towards something as random as a creative Deamon list. Also I hear that sometimes people win because they are good generals.

Monday April 5th 2010: Stelek is in full swing of his Ard’ Boyz list spam this time with user generated lists that he gives quick cratiques of lists and offeres improvements. One paticular list for a Blood Angels army caught my eye. Here are Stelek’s comments.

I understand everyone thinks troops can take Raiders, but I really don’t think they can. We’ll have to see if GW answers this in their FAQ.

I think the Predator spam is gonna be normal for BA, but only in a list where you CAN bring Raiders for your troops is it really going to work–I’m more afraid of Raiders than fast Predators I can sideshot to death.

–Yeah I can see predator spam,  I can also see Preds outflanking and players making sure to cover their side armor with things like Rhinos and other cheaper transports instead of dedicating even more points to Land Raiders. Of course all of this involves things called tactics which I am sure you get enough play testing in with your own admitted three games a week. Against who again?

Your Furioso Librarian Dreads are gonna get melta’d, simple as that. Anyone who places them below any other target in your army is a fool, and you will smack them around for being one soon after.

–How many games have you played with the new Blood Angel dex again? How many of those games have been played against more than four or five different opponents? Of those games how many times have you faced the new Librarian Dred or played with one yourself?  Let me guess the Stelek vs. Stelek matches in your mind allow you to play so many games that you know all the outcome of every possible list using the Furioso Librarian Dred. Also doesn’t melta kill anything with an armor value so why should I ever take mech again?

Those are my random thoughts.

Tuesday April 6th 2010: Stelek with the article titled Why AC’s suck Stelek was taking direct aim at air conditioning maintance men everywhere and also one of the best weapons in 40k.

What’s the point of getting lucky if you are dead because you couldn’t roll a 6 to pop a vehicle in the way? Missile launchers are better for many reasons.

–Let me think why Assault Cannons can be better… oh yeah that whole 4 shots thing and that whole rending thing. You know the whole concept of volume of fire? It kinda helps with the sad case of poor math skills you continue to have. You know what a missile launchers cannot do? Stop my Terminators from getting 2+ save.

Think about it. Besides range and higher strength–what vehicles are AC’s actually good against?

Chimera and Predator Chassis, 100% and 66% of the time you roll a 6. That’s it really.

Well woopdeedoo.

–Well whoopdeedoo they can also punk Rhinos and Razorbacks and pretty much every transport in the game. With the potential of causing multiple rolls on the damage table. When with missile launchers I get one shot that misses a lot more than 4 shots.

A missile launcher can also glance a land raider or Russ, and you only need to roll one six, not a six followed by a five or six.

–If my math serves me correct, but doesn’t 6+6+3 = 15 so while hardly reliable ACs can penetrate Land Raiders.

Against Chimeras, you autopen on a 6.

4  vs. 1

Against Predators, you autopen on 3+.

4  vs. 1

Against Rhinos (and Chimeras from the side), you pen on a 6 and never get a bonus from rending–for which you pay a hefty premium. Missiles of course, Pen Rhinos on a 4+, significantly better.

4  vs. 1

Missiles Pen Preds on a 5+, still better than AC’s.

4  vs. 1

AC’s need rending on the to hit rather than the to wound to be effective–simple as that.

You are also within 24″, and likely to be shot to pieces by any fireteam in a transport you fail to destroy or immobilize.

–Yeah because I have no experience as a general and would just allow you to walk right up to me without me firing first? Funny that almost all AC’s carrying units can move and fire making them an effective 30 inch range. I know you are used to your stand shoot missile launcher, but the Assault Cannon can get around. Of course all of this is mute when you cannot get up and go to any tournament and play against more than yourself.

Missiles you can knock people out at 48″ and then they are as mobile as you–usually, with only 1 or 2 turns to shoot you with their squad weapons.

–Assault Cannons for the most part are never in direct competition for missile launchers.So this argument is really kinda pointless.

A Dreadnought can use an AC, because it doesn’t care if you shoot squad weapons at it because they can’t hurt it. Meltas yes, flamers and bolters, no.

A Speeder can’t use a AC for the same reason your Terminators can’t–you have no range increment to protect you, and besides IG and Dark Eldar…everyone will glance you to pieces with their basic weapons, and any special or heavy weapons are likely to down you completely, unlike a Dreadnought where only melta weapons or lots of high powered shots are any guarantee.

People don’t bring AC’s on anything but Dreads, and even that is so-so in the realm of possible choices.

–So what are you telling me that is ok to put them on the unit that typically has them? I am glad you can admit when you are wrong.

Rifleman Dreads, MM/HF Drop Dreads…superior for different reasons.

–Oh please do not get me started on the Mech Warrior Dred…

Wednesday April 7th 2010 Stelek continues his recent love affair with Fritz as they go all gaga over each other and their love for all things bland. Instead of suffering you through the cybering let us take a look at Stelek’s super nifty nid list.

This is my ‘Best of’ Tyranid MC Shooting list, entitled ‘Nowhere to run’.  I hope you enjoyed my creation of it, it’s taken a couple months of playtesting it but it’s really quite entertaining to play.

–Just as a reminder this list was posted on Jan 17th which was two days before the codex was released. Being that there are restraining orders against him being within 10 feet of a hobby store, I am curious on how it was even possible for him to play tested an army that he had little pre-access to.  Of course being play tester extraordinaire I am sure Jervis flew in just to make sure Andrew got a copy of the codex well in advance. Also who is he play testing with again?

Mech armies absolutely hate it.

–No really I want to know what mech armies have  you played against again?

Foot armies like it even less.

Tyranid Prime w/Lash Whip + Bonesword, Scything Talons, 95.
Hive Guard x2, 100.
Hive Guard x2, 100.
Hive Guard x2, 100.
Termagant, 50.
Termagant, 50.
Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught, Cluster Spines, 185.
Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Onslaught, Cluster Spines, 185.
Harpy w/TL Heavy Venom Cannon, Cluster Spines, 170.
Harpy w/TL Heavy Venom Cannon, Cluster Spines, 170.
Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae, 265.
Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae, 265.
Tyrannofex w/Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Dessicator Larvae, 265.

So, as you can see, I’ve replaced my old Dakka Fexes with Hive Guard; and replaced my Sniper Fexes with Tyrannofexes.

–I totally see how you made another 3rd-4th edition Tyranid list. God this so reminds me Adepticon 07-08. I am curious also what you used to represent all these models as well? Maybe even a battle report would be good. I mean you must have one rolling around in your head since you played tested it for two months right…right?

I use the Tervigons to create Termagants and thoroughly annoy my opponent, while my Hive Guard, Harpies, and Tyrannofexes open fire.  Might not seem like much, but as the whole army advances…eventually, I can start dropping the 7 (seven) S5 large blasts on your head.  Add in whatever the Termagants are doing and the rest of my shooting…and yeah, it’s good times.

–Anyone can run gaunts off the board trust me I am not going to go after your poop machines. What I will go after though is your Tyranid Prime because he seems to be the only thing that my assault units have to fear. While this list can kill tanks fairly easy it does lack the AP to make me truly scared.

Anyway, while the other army is one you can escape from–this one isn’t.  Thus the well-earned title.

–Wait I finally got it! He is playing this list against his own Mech IG lists that have no way of tying up Assault units!

Thursday April 8th 2010: it must be hump day because Stelek is in full Jabba the Hut  mode as he copy and pastes an email and doesn’t bother to read. What is funny is well you will see…


Hey Stelek,

I’ve already posted this up on my blog, but you might want to talk about it on yours. It’s a new Aussie game-ranking website that has a 40K ladder section.

The latest 40K radio episode has an adepticon interview with the founder that’s pretty interesting.

Anyhow, it should be of interest to the competitive 40K community.


Can someone tell me what he said or where it is so I don’t waste my time hunting for it?

–What is wrong are your readers taking you away from your 40k playing that no one cannot seem to verify.

As far as the Rankings…umm, hobbyists getting a ranking means what, exactly?

–You know what I think of when I think of a hobbyist. I think of someone who sits at home and thinks about the game and stares at his models than actually playing them. Also I think of someone who avoids tournaments because that is where all the “serious” people are.  I really do not think of a hobbyist putting his money where is mouth is and playing in tournaments. Since I did not see Stelek on the top of this site lists I can only assume it is for competitive players.

Friday April 9th 2010: Stelek shows us another sad convert to his empire of non-competitive play.


Hey man,

Greetings from the UK. Sorry for the unsolicited email!

I have just started my first blog and would love to get your community support and thoughts on it.

–This poor guy doesn’t know community support involves random freak outs over trivial things. As well as posting personal and totally uncalled for political rants.

I have been following YTTH for some time now and have learnt from you massively. Also noted to avoid e-drama!

My aim is to up-skill the community through shared knowledge, starting with myself I guess. I am a good player locally, but wish to expand that ‘title’ nationally through the UKGT.

–Well this is promising I am sure he will play in a few events and realize that living in the Matrix and playing in the real world are totally different things.

I have also noted your apparent disdain for Foot lists and those that placed highly in the UKGT… help me stop it. I am running a BA Mech list which you can find on the site ( … this will be taken to the UKGT and I have time to perfect it, make it as efficient as possible and destroy all the remnants of 4thEd. and misguided list building/strategy.

–It is ok to admit that Lash Princes still give you nightmares. Did anyone also tell you that in the UK they still play 1500– let us see how far that gets you.

GW have definitely been going in the right direction over the past couple of codices and with your support, perhaps we can turn the tide over the pond… or something man.

–Right direction for what? If you mean being able to play a variety of lists that are both effective and fun than yes that is the right direction. If you mean playing the same 3rd and 4th edition gun lines, then no you totally missed the point of GW’s direction.

Hope to hear from you,

Andy/ Venerable Brother


Interesting stuff. 🙂

–It is interesting stuff  because it is stuff like this that makes Stelek think he is more important than he really is. Like most of his sycophants I give this blog 6-8 months max.

This concludes episode 1 of This week in Non-Competitive play. Next week more Ard’ Boyz lists that make will drop your IQ a few points as well as Fritz and Stelek dark romance continues.

As always go visit Yes the Truth Hurts or just come here for your weekly dose of everything painfully tragic in the world on non-competitive play.