Over the weekend Blood of Kittens headed down to another GT and here is the report. I was not allowed to take video of any of the games, a ban was in place to protect people who didn’t want video of them floating around the net. Leaving me with just pictures from the event which was totally fine.

Everything ran smoothly with only two minor incidences that were quickly dealt with by the judging crew. One person accused of slow play was talk to by the judges quickly picked up the pace. Another incident had another player just not knowing his army, thinking he had heavy flamers when he should have had normal flamers, the judging team had no problem dealing with that as well. Besides that no signs of cheating or other shenanigans were found and everyone seemed to have a great time.

The scenario for the last game was an objective mission with a center objective being worth more points than the other objectives. The mission also had a set turn length of 6, as well as spearhead deployment.

The top two tables featured a classic match up and another one you won’t be seeing anytime soon at another GT.

He who does not want to be named Orks


Tyler Carmichael Eldar

Ended in a Draw with bonus points going to Tyler

Mark McDonald Dark Eldar


Black Templars Player

Ended in a straight draw knocking out both players from the top two spots.

Here is a list of all the winners

Best Overall – Tyler Carmichael – Eldar
2nd Best Overall – Mat Estes – Orks
Best Sport – Jeremy Arnn – Space Marines
Best Painter – Ken Fritts – Dark Angels
Best General – He who doesn’t want to be named  – Orks
Player’s Choice – Jody Mooney – Space Marines

And finally some pictures.