What point level do you play at? What point level feels just right? We play the game at the point levels we grew up with and as our collections grow, we often slip into playing larger and larger games. There is no problem with playing at any point level; one of the great things about Warhammer 40k is the flexibility. Still what would you consider is the best point value for testing your abilities as a general? What point level works best for tournaments? 

 The overall purpose of this series is to make the case that 1500 is the optimal way to play Warhammer 40k. Why? Warhammer 40k is the most balanced when played at 1500. The gameplay mechanics of 40k break down the farther you get away from 1500. Things like game length and mech supremacy are less pronounced when you play at 1500. Problems with simple list design go away at 1500. As well playing at 1500 requires more skill than any other point level because making mistakes have bigger consequences. If their was ever a hard-core setting for Warhammer 40k 1500 would be it.

It wouldn’t be a small stretch to say that many American players hardly play or enjoy 1500 games. For the most part criticisms of 1500 are valid. They are valid because they are based on personal preference like a Whopper vs. Big Mac, but which one is healthier for you and 40k as whole?  Irrational arguments do exist for true haters of 1500. Not only will this series lay out reasons for playing at 1500, it will also debunk some of the criticisms that detractors use to avoid the real issues.

The detractors of 1500 will continue and by no means will this series change the minds of  many players because sometimes it just comes down to your own personal level of fun. The hope is to change your mind just enough so you will give 1500 another look.

So check back every week as we lay another brick in The Defense of 1500.