One of the larger gaming groups in America is putting on 40k GT for this weekend. I had planned on going down this weekend since it only a short flight away, but it seems that certain members of that community have made it a point to let me know I wasn’t welcome. So in an effort to avoid drama I will be staying away.

Still doesn’t mean that I won’t cover the GT. Luckily the people of SCGWL are good about keeping players in the loop. They just posted the finalized rules and mission packet for this weekends event.


Take a look and you will find modified kill points saying, “Please mech up because we want to make sure foot armies have no chance”. The missions have a lot variety attempting to look like a “best of” missions from years past. Sadly soft scores make up 50% of the total points making Blood of Kittens and even Yes The Truth Hurts both cry a little inside.

Will post results, information, and links as they become available.

For any more information about this event check out the SoCal Slaughter website at