Here are the results from Astronomi-con event a few weekends ago. Sadly I don’t have any army lists so I hope that someone can get me that info making me extra happy inside Also if folks can send me links of pics that would be great too!

Best Overall

First Place (GT Ticket): Nate Stevens – Orks

Second Place  (GT Ticket):  John Beck – Eldar

Best Army List:   George Symon – Imperial Guard

Best Single Mini:    John Beck – Eldar Wraithlord

Best Terrain:  Jason Kebic – Imperial Airfield

Best General:  Mike Knudsen – Dark Eldar

Best Appearance:   Jamie Sanchez – Death Guard

Best Army:  Christian Stewart – Red Corsairs

Best Sportsman: Adrian Johnson: Space Wolves

Here is a pdf for all the results.

Astronomi-con Toronto 2010

Here is a link for some pictures from the event.

Astronomic-con Toronto 2010 Pictures

You can find all this information and more if you visit the Astronomi-con website.