Before we get into the latest drama with the largest of 40k podcasts let me start by saying we will never know what really happened. Also Spencer is having some serious personal drama and how that played in his behavior is anyone’s guess.

Let us start with the obvious: 40k Radio hasn’t been good for quite some time. Of course there is flashes of brilliance, but those are becoming fewer and farther between. Most people point to the departure of Phil Johnson as the start of the end. Now with Scott and Chipley gone is it safe to say that this boat has sailed?

Who does Spencer have left? Racist JarJar has returned from his lifetime ban. Sounds like a great foundation for a podcast to me. I guess we can expect a pepper spray in the face episode soon to boost viewership or maybe some live blackface performances.  As for the reasons for Scott and Chipley’s departure? Well in principle Spencer does bring up a good point. If you are going to have a podcast about 40k is shouldn’t be too much to ask that your co-hosts play the game?

This is especially true when many people who still listen feel too many segments sound like a reading from the 40k phone book. It shows when you lack any authority to talk about a subject in-depth. That leaves you with interviews and Don Imus inspiration to fall back on. This will only get you so far.

Remember we are also talking about Spencer here and its safe to assume lack of playing was not the only reason. Those other reasons though are lacking because the “victims” cannot get the courage to show exactly what texts and emails went back and forth. So we are left with only Spencer’s record of flying off the handle to the detriment the podcast. Enough with my ramblings let us hear from the love triangle themselves.

The ball really gets rolling with Scott’s response to leaving 40k Radio.

So long and thanks for all the fish…..

On Saturday May 8th 2010 in an e-mail and a series of TXT messages it was made clear to both Chipley and I that our services to 40K Radio were no longer wanted. As such, effective immediately both Scott and Chipley are no longer members of the cast of 40k Radio in any capacity.

We would like to thank all of the listeners, gamers, industry leaders and fellow podcasters for the support and friendship you have given us. You made this one of the more enjoyable and memorable journeys in our lives. We sincerely hope that these friendships will continue despite us no longer being on the air and hope to see you across the table in the future.

Since our show e-mail addresses and forum posting privileges have been turned off you can contact me at and Chipley at

This makes me think a certain YouTube video…


I mean really a TXT message and email?!!? How long have you known these guys again?

Here is our first hint of  hypocrisy courtesy of Spencer…

NEVER ONCE did I say that they were no longer needed. Scott is taking the bitch route here and does not have the balls to argue with someone without turning it into something more than it is.
He is quitting. I just said in last nights show that we need him on the show. I sent out an email trying to make this show better and the result is that Scott took his toys and went home.

I have not removed either of their email or forum access. And did not plan to.

I was asking for help and my “friends” or so I thought they were, bailed on me.

Bitch route? How about talking to your “friends” in person first about the problems you might have. I wonder what gave Scott the impression his access was gone?

How about Spencer’s response to people saying “you should work this out in private and close the thread”

No no. this will be kept open.
Scott wanted to air the dirty laundry. Now he can be man enough to stand up and handle this.

I don’t know Scott was raising to the level of dirty laundry. It seems that Scott is informing every one of what happened without going into gory details. Instead Spencer wants to get some sort of reaction from Scott and make sure people don’t think his shit stinks. Here is where Spencer explains the “real” reasons Scott and Chipley are gone…

In a nut shell it comes down to this. Lack of playing the game. Scott and Chipley have not played a game of 40K……. well for at least 6 months. I have been harping on them to play the game. How can you talk about it if you never play? Each time I brought it up there were promises to play but nothing happened. So I gave them a one show suspenstion, to really bring home the fact that you have to play this game to be on a podcast about it.
I gave them options, such as being on every other show, to allow room for playing. But Scott did not want that option, he thru a hissy fit and quit the show. I gave Scott the option to come on for one last show to say good bye and he declined that offer, which further pissed me off because I feel that you guys deserve that. that to me shows a blatnet disrespect to the fans of this show.

Again I did not force him off the show. But I did give him the ultimatium, play or leave. And he chose to leave.

Let me get this straight you text message break up with Scott and expect him to do a farewell show? I would have really loved to hear that show. Especially the part where Scott explains to the audience why he is leaving.

Once the comments turned negatitve towards Spencer he posts and does this…

I have shut down the comments and deleted them. I am doing this in an attempt to let cooler heads prevail.

If there is an offical announcement made about the staff here at the show it will be something that is written by all 3 hosts and will be a seperate post by itself.

When that post is made. You comments suggestions and whatever else you may write will be welcome.

But untill that time….please be patient.

Spencer finally realizes from the flood of comments just how stupid he was in responding to Scott. Interesting that Spencer uses the open forum of the Internet to talk shit about his friends, but cannot handle any backlash. What else did Scott say to make Spencer flip out enough that he has to challenge him on the Internet of all things. I think Spencer was under the impression that he is the sole reason people listen to 40k radio.

What does Chipley have to say about the whole thing. After taking a few days he finally responds on the Feebooters forum.

This will be my only post in this thread or in regards to this turn of events.

For all those who have sent e-mails and PM’s, I am reading them as I can but this has been a very difficult couple of days for me and I have not slept or eaten much at all since this all began to unfold. I want to immerse myself in this and talk to everyone but I need time away to get my head around this whole situation. I have been on the forums here and there to read the replies to Scott’s post and vowed not to add to the drama but I don’t think the situation and especially Scott and I are being portrayed fairly so I am going to say a few words.

First of all, Scott is not speaking for me or making any decisions for me. We spoke to each other about the situation but made our own decisions about how to proceed. The message posted by Scott was sent to me for review and approved before he posted it. My response to the e-mail from Spencer was sent nearly 24 hours before Scott sent his so this decision was mine and mine alone and I had no idea if Scott would respond similarly or not.

In regards to my decision to not return to 40k Radio I will say as much as I am comfortable with and that is all.

The facts of the matter are these: Scott and I both received a text message from Spencer at around 2:30pm Saturday, May 8th that told both of us to stay home, that he and Jar Jar would be doing the show and to read the e-mail he sent us. The e-mail arrived immediately after and it took me 2 attempts to read it completely because it was so upsetting. I wish that I could post the e-mail that I received from Spencer and the reply that I sent because I think it would bring to light that the issues run a lot deeper than the fact that I don’t play 40k as much as I should. I will admit freely that I don’t play as often or as much as I want to or as I should and if it were as simple or as black and white as that this situation would probably not exist.

I am not blaming Spencer and I’m not angry with him. He made a decision that he felt he had to for the sake of his radio show and gave me an ultimatum that I considered and responded to with my decision to leave 40k Radio.

I still consider him a friend. We have seen each other through many hardships and good times during our friendship and I know that I am willing to continue to be his friend if he is willing to continue to be mine. While this is certainly going to cause a strain on our relationship, true friends will always find a way to overcome situations such as these.

Again, I wish that I could post the e-mail that Scott and I received and our responses to that e-mail but Scott and I agreed that those communications should be kept between the people who sent and received them. Let me just say that the content of the e-mail was not something a friend or an employer would send if he was hoping for a positive response to his concerns. Being told that we were not welcome at that night’s show 5 hours before it was supposed to begin could not be taken in any positive way from what I was able to see. The e-mail and the 11th hour “one show suspension” were messages that were delivered loud and clear to both me and Scott.

Please remember that situations such as these are often more complicated than they appear to be on the surface and no one will probably ever know the whole story from an unbiased perspective but there is quite a lot more to this than who plays 40k and how much.

I hope that these few sentences have provided a little more insight without being affected too much by the emotions behind the situation.

I sincerely appreciate the listeners and the support they’ve given the show and me during my time there. The fans of 40k Radio are the people who matter most and I’m truly sorry for any negative impact this turmoil has caused them.

The highlighted parts are the most telling. Its also the biggest cop-out. One of my pet peeves is people playing the explosive information card and not revealing what it is. Sure you can look at Chipley’s response as taking the high ground. Instead it makes the reader beg for more and accuses Spencer of bad behavior without showing us proof. Perhaps Chipley is banking on the fact that Spencer has been a douche in the past and it looks like for now Chipley and Scott are the victims.

It obvious that Spencer has never been the type of person that handles being challenged well. He also does not handle success very well as ever since 40k Radio got big he has been more and more douchey. Blame is easily sprinkled all around One thing is forsure the douche bag is pretty filled from all angles.

Who do you think is at fault for the fall of 40k Radio or was there was never anything to fall from?