Well you have to give it to the Canadians they sure know how to spice up tournaments. I do not think any event on the circuit is like this going on in Calgary this weekend. For starters it seems they are taking a page from Fantasy events and not allowing special characters, BUT their is a reason! This event is not only a tournament it is a Narrative Campaign! It seems that good old Abby is up to old tricks as you fight battles in and around the Eye of Terror for the 14th time. Here is what I mean… 

Based around the seminal Eye of Terror campaign, our goal is to host a fun-filled, community-building, faction-based event where games have a greater impact beyond a player’s win-loss record. 

Players will be separated into factions, and each faction will compete for control of the universe. Smaller battles will impact the overall  outcome of the war. 

Players will have access to various campaign cards and given them various battle bonuses they can access. 

We also will be hosting a Saturday-night mixer, with open and social gaming, so players can mingle in a non-competitive environment. 

So what happens when you really need to use a special character to change your army list well they have an answer! 

Regarding Special/Unique/Named Heroes:
Special or named Characters CANNOT be used… but some characters‘ special rules can be purchased as an upgrade for your army commander. This is meant to make allowances for armies that are themed or based around how a special character‘s rules change the composition of that army.
If your army uses a named hero to modify how the list is constructed (like a Marine list using Kor’sarro Khan would, for example), your “generic” army commander can spend points on a special upgrade that will act the same way as that named hero‘s special rules would provided he is purchased to be similar to the character he is emulating (Shrike must be a Marine Captain with Jump Pack, for instance). The upgrade WILL NOT confer the named hero‘s stat line or wargear to your commander, only the abilities listed.
Oh and the fun does not stop there did I mention that the event is escalation!

Army Construction Rules 

All armies are required to have three points levels: 1400, 1650 & 1900 points. Each level will be played at different times throughout the weekend depending on scenario, system status and your faction‘s performance. 

The 1400 points list is the Core List and cannot be changed. Both the 1650 and 1900-point lists must include the 1400-point Core List but may be completely different builds from each other otherwise. Armies cannot use more than one Force Organisation Chart and must follow their most current codex. 

Well really everything you need to know is here in their player pack chalk full of updated fluff and fun for all the kids! 


As for scoring it is a mix. With added bonus of something called Faction points which basically separates the secondary objectives of each battle and helps the story move along. 

For all the information including pics of the organizers visit this website 


So what do you guys think too crazy? Or is this the sort of thing we need more of in our events?