Some FYIs

This weekend is another Astronomi-Con– run by play-testers for GW. This Astro event is in lovely Winnipeg Canada here is a link for more information.

Next week is BoLSCon or the new name War something or other con. You might have heard of it…

Anyway they have space available so if you can manage or live in the Austin area head on over, it is like going to be hella cool let me tell ya. A certain someone Tasty might just be making an appearance…you never know! Here is the one week warning!

And as for Blood of Kittens we got a pretty good response from the community pimp series that has been running. Blood of Kittens wants some more! So if you have a blog post or something you want to advertise shoot out an email and follow this link for more information. Or hell resend some I am pretty sure I lost a few to theĀ  inbox being overwhelmed