Blood of Kittens has finally made it safe and sound to California.

Over the weekend a group of players who went by the name “Team Ramrod” played in a 40k Event known as TSHFT. Powered by liters of coke and double baco cheeseburgers team Ramrod got crushed with fluffy, but damn pretty armies! Here are some pictures of the team!

TastyTaste: Record 2/2/1

 ChaosGerbil: 1/3/1

Newsun: 1/4/0

What we lacked in winning skills we made up in softscores!

Chaosgerbil won the players choice award for the most bad ass CSM army that count as Space Wolves.

Here are a sample of some pictures…

If you want to see more of this amazing army check out ChaosGerbil own blog here is a direct link all the pictures you can handle.


As well here are the pics that Blood of Kittens took of the event.

Anyway it was a great event and can’t wait till the next one when it counts as a Vegas qualifier.

If you want more information about TSHFT visit this link for more information…