So someone was whining about there paint score from the Da Grand Waaagh on DakkaDakka— not really news worthy right? Well what does make this particular thread news worthy is the revelation that the winner of best paint and players choice (Garye Lawrence) at the Da Grand Waaagh happen to never mention that his army was painted by Blue Table Painting.

Don’t believe me? Let us have a picture comparison.

Here are some pictures I took at Da Grand Waaaagh

Now take a look at Blue Table Painting’s site

So unless Garye Lawrence looks like this…

and doesn’t look like this…

Then he is not Shawn Gately nor did he paint that army. Granted, I would love to have egg thrown on my face and have explanation to why these armies look almost identical.

I have no problem with people paying to have their armies painted. Hell I have a few painted by my good friend ChaosGerbil! What though gets me is when people “forget” to mention that they didn’t paint it. I am not even that upset with him getting the best painted award. It is really the players choice award that gets me upset.

Everyone was talking about how great that army looked, but if the players knew he didn’t paint it would he really have any chance against someone like Walter Denlinger’s Ork army that he built and painted! So to see it win and not someone more deserving like Walter is sad and upsetting. You cannot blame the TOs of Da Grand Waaagh they shouldn’t have to ask who painted what armies. The responsibility rests with Garye Lawrence and he should have maned up and told the truth about his army. Instead now he looks like he just ran off with the prizes without any care in the world.

Of course as always Blood of Kittens could be taking this too far. What do you guys think? Should a player be responsible for letting everyone know they didn’t paint the army they bring to an event? How would even police this sort of thing at tournament?