Well the wait is finally over.

The new and improved Blood of Kittens is here. Blood of Kittens is now a 40k social network just waiting to happen. Of course all social networks need people and the hope is that you: the loyal readers of Blood of Kittens will join up and connect with each other to create a greater community for all wargamers to take part in. This is also not a social network in the Facebook sense, (sorry no Farmville) instead the goal is for The Blood of Kittens Network to become a hub for all things wargaming. Anyone can sign up!

Here is a list of some of the features if you join!

  • Create a profile and add your own personal Avatar
  • Use the “activity” just the same way a “wall” pages works in Facebook.
  • Private and Public chat rooms.
  • Create Groups for you and your friends to build your own community.
  • Create Events to promote local or national events.
  • Upload anything from YouTube videos to Army Lists.
  • Send private messages to other members with flexible settings.
  • Create your own photo album upload latest projects or whatever.
  • Xbox/PC like achievements with their own Blood of Kittens twist.
  • Link your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube profiles to Blood of Kittens
  • And a lot more.

The most important feature of the  Blood of Kittens network is how it relates to blogs. The goal of Blood of Kittens behind all the joking and Interweb drama has been about building a better and stronger community. Now anyone can create their own blog for free within the Blood of Kittens. These are fully function websites under the Blood of Kittens tent. You can create a blog identical to Blood of Kittens or pick from over 10 templates with customizable features so no two look the same. As well get access to hundreds of plugins and features that you can only find on WordPress. Not only can you create a new blog you can also transfer your existing WordPress blog or Google Blogger site to the Blood of Kittens network. The best part is if any one signs up for one blog then they are signed up for the entire network sharing the same features on the main Blood of Kittens website. Bloggers can tailor their own site within the network to fit their particular personality, as well creating their own achievements, groups, and events. The more blogs that join the easier it will be for wargamers to find your own site. All you need is to email Blood of Kittens. Otherwise at least sign up and create a profile, its free!

Here are some of things coming soon…

  • A detailed wiki on how all features work.
  • Additional blog templates for users.
  • More hidden and visible achievements just waiting to be unlocked.
  • Army specific groups that anyone can join.
  • A blog roll widget.

Please if you find any errors or bugs please email Blood of Kittens we will try to get them fixed as fast as possible.

To register simply click on the word “Register” located on the login widget.

If you have any questions either email or leave a comment here.

Once again if you’re interested in making a blog or transferring your existing blog just follow this link.