So made some quick updates!

  • Added new profile fields go back into “edit profile” to change your settings.
  • Added change password option go into your “settings” to change your password if you want.
  • Added some new hidden achievements happy hunting!

Now for the bad news. I am going to have to disable the album function for now. It has something to do where the pictures are being sent. I can see them in my server, but not just appearing live. Will take more time then I have the moment to fix it should be back up next week I hope!

Also want to make a few things clear for folks about the blog transfer. This is a full transfer as in your url will be changed basically Blood of Kittens will be taking over hosting.With that said anyone wanting to transfer or create a new blog I will be doing one on one with each of you. Sundays and Mondays are the days that this can happen this sort of thing only takes 1-2 two hours to complete really dependent on how hands on you want to be with the process.

Just to give you guys an idea of the power and ability of transferring sites I made a little funny site that I think most of you will enjoy. Just follow the link


Anyway if people have more questions just keep them coming!

I will have some info on how to make groups and events for folks that are curious when I get the chance.

Also want to say the response has been great so far more than I expect already! Thanks a bunch guys lets make this great!