Typically Blood of Kittens is not the great spammer of rumors like Bell of Lost Souls or Warseer is, but when Blood of Kittens gets rumors, you can be rest assured that they are picked from the best trees on top of the highest mountains. So it is with great pleasure that Blood of Kittens will be giving you a  cornucopia of rumors related to the next 40k release of Grey Knights. Their though is a catch…

In effort to build up hype (be an asshole), Blood of Kittens will not release any rumors till Wednesday. The reason for this is to do some fact checking of some rumors and as well allow time for people to register to the Blood of Kittens Network. That is right to get all rumors you have to sign up for Blood of Kittens (this is the asshole part). The registration is free and painless. Once you sign up just join the Grey Knights Rumor Group and wait till Wednesday for the fun and excitement!

As for regular non members of Blood of Kittens a few rumors will be posted on Wednesday to wet your appetite in the hopes you would be so inclined to sign up to the network. It should be worth noting that Blood of Kittens last rumors about 40k were 90% on the money when it came to Dark Eldar– expect the same quality when it comes to Grey Knights and shit ton more.

So sign up for Blood of Kittens Network and get exclusive Grey Knight leaks!

Sign by clicking on “register” in the widget to your right.

After that just follow this link below and join the Grey Knights rumor Group


Then wait till Wednesday!

PS: All Blood of Kittens members will get an email notifying them when rumors are up for viewing and comments.